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What's coming up in the community?

All the fun shit members can expect in 2023
(oh and YOU, if you join)


Copywriter for SKY, Nandos, The Body Shop...

Vikki Ross

Oh and she's also got over 30k followers on Twitter. And she created #CopyWritersUnite nights. Andddddd she's an D&AD Judge.

Word Tonic will be having a masterclass with Vikki on tone-of-voice, and how to craft copy that's clever and stands out as a young creative.

Head of Creative at Krispy Kreme UK...

Yeah. THE. KRISPY. KREME. Mike Tinnion literally gets to write and craft cool creative stuff about doughnuts all days.

Word Tonic will be having a Q&A with Mike on what it takes to impress ~that creative director~ at your agency and how to land a copywriting gig at a BIG yummy brand like Krispy Kreme.

Mike Tinnion

Copywriter for Kylie Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty & Christian Dior...

Mh-hm. Christine is one of those fancy-shmancy luxury copywriters and she's written for some PRETTTTTY big brands.

Word Tonic will be having a Q&A with Christine on all things beauty copywriting. We'll also find out how she got into the space and what aspiring beauty copywriters can do to land gigs with big-name brands like Kylie Cosmetics.

Christine Noumba

Founder of 'write & sunny,' and copywriter for unmasked and ADHD Works...

Ellie Perkins

Ellie is a ray of LITERAL sunshine and will be hopping on a call with members of Word Tonic to talk all things freelance copywriting and knowing your worth!

Dan Kelsall

Founder of 'Offended Marketing' and THE MAN that's not afraid to swear and tear up every rule in copywriting...

Word Tonic will be having a Q&A with Dan Kelsall - the dude who runs the most offensive marketing agency in the world. We'll be asking him how he gets away with swearing in his client copy and how to be braver and bolder in your writing.

Sonder & Tell copywriter who's written for Rude Health & Cath Kidson...

Rae Boockock

Rae is a super-sweet Sonder & Tell copywriter who's written for a bunch of famous brands (hello Rude Health, I'm looking at you!) Word Tonic will be having a lil Q&A sesh with Rae to learn her tips for crafting compelling copy and how to land big agency gigs.

Konrad Sanders

Founder of 'The Creative Copywriter,' and written for TikTok & Adidas...

Konrad's not just a freelance copywriter - he's also the founder of a snazzy London copywriting agency with big-name clients like TikTok. We'll be having a lil sesh with him to learn the psychology behind copywriting and what we - as GEN-Z coipywriters - can do to market ourselves to employers better.

Copywriter for NESPRESSO, Red Bull, Emirates, and Bumble...

Word Tonic will be having a lil call with Dave Harland - AKA the funniest man alive - on how he infuses SO MUCH humour into his copy. He'll also be sharing his do's and don'ts for writing a cold email to a potential client.

Dave Harland

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