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Freelance copyrighter (and author)

Andrea Harris


My favourite hobbies include reading, writing, gaming and botany!

But if you ask my feline housemates my favourite hobby is feeding them!

I am the UK based creative explosion known as Andrea (Andie to those close to me) and I’ve wanted to be a writer since the dawn of time (literally) but my parents always wanted me to get a ‘safe’ day job (That didn’t really work out for them though, did it? Sorry mum!) INSTEAD I’m a full time writer, copy writer and possibly the coolest person ever. (This is false, but I’m for sure the coolest person in my house…after my cats)

I love to take care of plants (EXCEPT lilies. This is a mutual hatred, I can’t keep them alive and they for sure don’t want to be alive when they come home with me)
I love video gaming too (mostly pc but I like to dabble with consoles too) my current favourite game is Batman Arkham Night (insert a badly drawn scribble of Nightwing with hearts)

But most of my time is honestly spent reading. I’m a sucker for a good romance or a mystery (my only problem is that I can’t regulate my reading enough to savour a book, I want to know how it ends ASAP)

Please feel free to get in touch (if not to discuss work, then please SOMEONE discuss their favourite type of cat with me - mines the orange ones)

Andrea Harris
Andrea Harris

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