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Food Copywriter ☕️

Andy Ark


My hobbies: cooking, reading, poetry, meditation, boxing, rock climbing, yoga, camping/backpacking/hiking, coffee, and cannabis

I love to write poetry, and copywriting has been a revelation for me. It feels like I'm writing poetry (establishing intention, attention to detail, imagery, emotion, etc.), but I can actually make a career out of it!

I've worked as a cook in American Fine Dining, at a family-owned Plant-Based Cafe, and ran my own vegan/gf pop-up dubbed Pancakes 🥞 and Pourovers ☕️.

I'm currently managing data sets, marketing systems, and integrations for a Real Estate startup based in Massachusetts.

My recent forays in entrepreneurship have taught me more about community than anything else.

Food has an incredible power to gather, and language to connect.

I'm using my talent for writing to help grow businesses that make a positive impact on their communities and beyond.

Take a gander at some of the stuff I've written. I apologize in advance if it makes you hungry 🤤


Andy Ark
Andy Ark

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