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Annaleigh Wise


My hobbies are made up of lots of creative endeavors, plus the added animal passion! I’m an artist and I focus on digital art but I have been experimenting with painting lately! I enjoy writing stories and books. Of course, there is dog training, but I also enjoy creating content for social media, as well as scouring memes on the internet.

My name is Annaleigh Wise and I’m an illustrator and creative writer! My goals for my future have always been a little uncertain. All I know for sure is that I want to do something I enjoy, preferably something creative.
I have a service dog in training named Jax, and he is the golden retriever that balances out my energy constantly.
I’m 20 years old, still completing my schooling, and experimenting with all I can in regards to career planning.
I hope I am able to get to know everyone and see if this is a venture I enjoy!
Thank you for having me!

Annaleigh Wise
Annaleigh Wise

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