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Social Media Manager & Copywriter ✍️

Ben "BJ" Jennings


My hobbies: creative writing, digital art, comic books, video games, cooking, poetry reading, badminton, poker, the pub (yes it's a hobby shush pls), watching toddlers fall over and building a sweet ass Lego set.

I'm Ben (or BJ as most people seem to call me), I'm 23, from Stourbridge near Brum, and currently employed as a social media manager for a pet store while also doing freelance copywriting on the side (one client in 2 years, woooooooo!). My goal is to work as some kind of brand copywriter specialising in food & drink brands, as that's where I've had the most fun previously. I also did a degree in Creative Advertising at the Uni of Glos in Cheltenham, studying under one of the nation's best art directors. I was even fortunate enough to take home a YCN Student Award for my work on a campaign for Patch Plants - find it in my portfolio! I also love to write creatively on the side, and have a separate goal of becoming a comic creator.

Ben "BJ" Jennings
Ben "BJ" Jennings

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