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Freelance writer and journalist✍️🐱

Caitlin Francis


My hobbies: reading, rollerskating, pspspsps-ing at all the cats I see, collecting vinyl records, engaging with queer media, and dancing (badly).

Silly little freelance copywriter and journalist carving out space for herself in the writing world.

I graduated from The University of East Anglia (UEA) with a first class honours degree in English Literature, and immediately jumped into a full-time writing job, before realising that freelancing was more my vibe, and promptly making the leap into self-employment.

Armed a passion for all things queer, creative, mental health and wellbeing-focused, lifestyle, and pet care related, I’m here to write about the things I love, and grow my business. There’s nothing else I’d rather do than writing, despite how tumultuous this career can be, and I’m always excited to hear new ideas for commissions.

Caitlin Francis
Caitlin Francis

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