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Journalist & Content Creator

Caysie Grace


Blogging, video games, acting, and creative writing!

I decided I wanted to become a journalist when I was 16, after toying with the idea on and off for a while.

Originally, I had wanted to become an author. I had my first story published at 5 years old, and am currently working on publishing my novel.

When I turned 16, my A-Level English teacher told us that he used to be a journalist. I had a lightbulb moment - I had opinions, I have damn strong opinions, and I am able to persuade people of them. So, why not journalism?

Dispatch was born. I began to share news and views over on my blog, and people read it! Some of my most hard-hitting articles are on the DAHMER show, and the Archie Battersbee case. My blog grows every day, and my short-form Instagram content is a joy to produce.

Over a year later, I landed my role as a Content Creator at Hollr, and currently produce articles and content for their Instagram and TikTok. I also produce school newsletters and articles for local newspapers.

Here we are! Delving into copywriting - because all writing is worth being written.

Caysie Grace
Caysie Grace

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