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Connor Macdonald


It is a wonder I wasn't born with a book in one hand, an Xbox controller in the other, and a pen between my teeth (gums, I suppose).

I have always read and gamed voraciously because I love stories, I love worldbuilding, and I love characters - so much so, I have a treasure trove of stories and vignettes I've written myself, with my modest fountain pen collection - you can read them when they're ready.

So you've read this far - what else is there to know... Well:

1. In an obligatory nod to the institution which trained and shaped me, I got a First in English Lit from University of Glasgow in 2020 (World Changers Welcome!)
2. Since then, I've worked for a variety of SMEs in hybrid roles spanning administration, sales, website design and - you guessed it - copywriting (also party mascot, let's not forget party mascot)
3. Now, I'm eager to get writing good copy for cool businesses, so that cool people can read good work

Connor Macdonald
Connor Macdonald

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