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Danielle Langone


- hiking
- camping
- reading endless books: from Sarah J. Mass to Sociological Theory
- painting and ceramics
- having full conversations with my kitten Mango

Hello! My name is Danielle Langone and I have been an aspiring copywriter for quite some time. I possess a deep understanding of the power of words and their ability to influence and engage readers. Whether it's crafting attention-grabbing headlines, refining brand messaging, or developing persuasive sales copy, I thrive on the challenge of connecting with audiences and conveying the desired message effectively.

Upon embarking on this journey and challenging myself I have realized that joining a community of copywriters would be very wise. In the past, I have always had a 5-year plan and knew my next move, but now working a 9-5 in corporate America has me questitoning if there is more out there for myself other than climbing a corporate ladder.

I am looking forward to the community and ongoing learning this group will provide and cannot wait to get started curating my very own copy portfolio.

Danielle Langone
Danielle Langone

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