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✍️ Creative Copywriter & Storyteller 👩‍💻


Contact me at:


My hobbies: Wandering the world in search of the perfect street food

- Staying up all night with friends, solving the world's problems one deep convo at a time

- Going on random deep dives about obscure topics

- Creating content that makes your TikTok addiction worse (sorry)

My name is pronounced de-nay! I'm based in Toronto, Canada, but I'm probably somewhere else in the world right now.

I've always had a passion for writing. When I was only 13 years old, I started a blog that would eventually become the foundation of my career.

By day, I write creative copy for bold brands that aren't afraid to be a bit polarizing and funny (a little sweary is ok).

By night, I share educational and motivational content on my TikTok and Youtube channels, where I mentor up-and-coming copywriters.


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