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Aspiring Copywriter and Social Media Manager 👩🏽‍💻

Elle Fofana


My hobbies:
Learning a new language - hola hola
Singing (at karaoke)
Dancing (see above)

Hello hello!
I am a 23yr old graduate starting out my copywriting career.
I have always known I have wanted to work creatively but didn’t know how to be effective until I discovered copywriting. Studying media and sociology have left me with a wealth of knowledge of how people work and given me insight into how to use my copywriting to influence people into certain ideas, products, or people.
Outside of education, I have experience living and working across with world giving me an international edge.
I have been writing all my life, from short stories to screenplays - thank you little brother for letting me cast you in my telenovelas.
I have started a blog/newsletter on Substack so please give it a look! :)

Elle Fofana
Elle Fofana

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