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Copywriter and Researcher✍️📚

Ellie Lennie


My hobbies: Reading, writing, watching movies, TV shows or true crime content on YouTube, gaming (mainly Minecraft), and helping out on Twitch and Discord as a chat moderator for some Minecraft YouTube content creators and musicians!

Hi there! My name is Ellie, I come from the UK and currently have a Bachelors of Arts (with Honours) in Filmmaking!

I came into the world of copywriting through being asked to help write up social media copy for a yearly event hosted by the staff and students on my degree - they must have liked what I was writing for the last two years, because they invited me back for another year as a volunteer!

Writing and reading were always one of my passions ever since I was young, and especially with some more of the volunteer work I do online as a chat moderator for some content creators and musicians - I've had the opportunity to meet some amazing people through that time, and see a whole load of creativity through writing, storytelling and world-building in general!

I'd love to be able to bring my creative flair for things from my degree to you, feel free to reach out and we can go from there!

Ellie Lennie
Ellie Lennie

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