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✍️ Communications, PR and Marketing Apprentice

Hannah Murray

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My hobbies: Reading is one of my favourite past times; I am a huge lover of literature. I'm also very in to music and enjoy singing and playing the piano. Recently I've began learning Italian which I am finding both challenging and fun!

I am a twenty-two-year-old working towards a PR and Marketing Apprenticeship. Having attended The BRIT School for three years, I have experience in performing and production arts. During my time there, I also completed my English AS level and have always been deeply interested in both language and literature. Writing is something I have loved my whole life. A lot of my apprenticeship work involves copywriting, which I enjoy immensely. Going into the future, I would like to be able to establish a career in writing and am currently discovering more about the different routes in which I could potentially take. I'm working on developing my skills as a writer and trying to find my own voice within my work!

Hannah Murray
Hannah Murray

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