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Izi Wilkowski


My hobbies: I love reading, baking and asking strangers if I can pet their dog. I also volunteer for Green New Deal Rising in a desperate attempt to prevent the world catching on fire. Well. To stop any more of it catching on fire.

I'm 24 and I have a first class BA (hons) in Philosophy and Politics from Southampton University. Studying philosophy taught me how important it was to write clearly and concisely. Mince your words and you're out! (Wish someone had told Nietzsche that).

Philosophy involves some concepts that are difficult to comprehend (such as infinity, the foundation of ethics, the rules of logic etc). I was taught to write my essays as if someone who had no knowledge whatsoever of philosophy was going to read them.

I apply the same logic to my copywriting. Write as if your audience has zero foundation about the topic you're writing on. Build up to the important concepts.

If something doesn't make sense to your audience, they're gonna scroll or click to the next (well written) thing.

I have experience writing blogs for businesses, running a slow fashion Instagram account and writing email copy. I am currently interning here at Word Tonic!

Available to hire as a freelance copy and content writer or junior copywriter.

Ready to write the good write!

Izi Wilkowski
Izi Wilkowski

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