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Copywriter/Writer 😎

Kate Benson


My Hobbies:
Reading (obsessed with audiobooks currently), writing, singing and dancing round my kitchen. Trying new things - piano and guitar, anything my energy can allow me to do!

I have been writing for a couple of years, having picked it back up from the age of 8 when I somehow decided I wasn't creative enough, or good enough or something RIDICULOUS for a child (or anyone) to think. It was part of trying various things out that I had told myself for years I couldn't do and realising there's no reason not to, for fun or potentially to be good at it!

I currently have Long Covid, so it's been a hard year. My energy and concentration has been limited, making anything creative or workwise more difficult and at times impossible. I have been able to slowly get back into writing as I have improved and learn how to manage my symptoms. I'm passionate about social justice and a lot of my writing has centred this, particularly around climate change. I love making friends with people, bonding over various random things, and obsessing over books and TV shows (The Hunger Games re-overtook my life recently).

Kate Benson
Kate Benson

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