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✍️ Games Writer & Narrative Designer

Leon-Paul Daniel Lynn

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My hobbies: Digital Photography, Electric Guitar, (Legal) Urban Exploration, Writing, Exploring the Darkest Parts of the Human Condition, Tabletop Gaming, Miniature Painting, Consuming and Creating Stories However I Can

While growing up surrounded by family and friends in the video game industry, I discovered a passion for stories and the way games can tell them. In particular, the way they can make us explore ourselves by letting us experience situations and make choices we never would otherwise. I find horror and romance very good at this!

The need to explore and share my passion not only led to numerous creative hobbies, work experience across gaming studios, and a first-class degree in Literature & Creative Writing, but to me writing for Asmodee's Gloomhaven Digital.

I am currently working as a Game Story Writer for Tictales, as part of Kwalee.

Outside of this, I have undertaken copywriting work for the univeristy of Surrey's student magazine The Stag, and the Surrey New Writers Festival, in an effort to spread my love for stories as far as I can.

Leon-Paul Daniel Lynn
Leon-Paul Daniel Lynn

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