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Copywriter & Content Marketer

Lydia Kozlowski


My hobbies: Rollerblading, playing soccer, reading and taking part in a local book club, interior decorating, Zillow house hunting, collecting vintage items, and writing for fun too of course (I have SO many because I'm a multi-potentialite!)

I'm happy to be here (using my English Lit degree) as a passionate, curious, and enthusiastic copywriter.

After graduating from college in 2020 (the traumatic COVID year), I got my first official job as a content writer at an e-commerce floral company called Floracracy where I wrote custom letters for customers' family or friends, social media post copy, and copy for other marketing assets. Being one of the first hires at the company, I helped craft the brand messaging with a sophisticated tone of voice that became consistent across all platforms and content.

Today, I work at an agency that specifically works with food industry clients in both the B2B (ingredient) and B2C (consumer product) segments. This copywriting position has allowed me to explore just how strong my right vs. left brain is. (Turns out, they're pretty equal.) I have the technical writing and research skills to develop efficient white papers, case studies, infographics, etc. AND the creativity to develop short quips for ads, fun and engaging headlines, or unique brand stories from scratch.

Lydia Kozlowski
Lydia Kozlowski

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