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Freelance Content/Copywriter + Actor

Marleena Garris


My Hobbies: writing (I knoooooow!), solving puzzles + cozies, escape rooms, catching up on all things Sherlockian, playing anything Frogwares (Ukrainian based game devs!!) cooking + planning travels, and catching up on my fave show Columbo.

​Hi! My name is Marleena and I looooove to write. I have a distinct love for travel, mysteries (A TON) and arts.

At the heart of all my words is an affinity for storytelling, and creativity. As a BIPOC human in this crazy world, I have seen doors shut in my face a million times over, but something that defines me is my ability to stay adamant and create something lovely. And my one-sided BEEF with Lemony Snicket. But don't worry about that last one.

I'd be glad to convey your message and collaborate on a catching way to spread your voice far and wide. If you want your words to have some flavor, I'm your gal!

Connect with me @marleena_garris on insta, and @marleenawrites on twitter.

Marleena Garris
Marleena Garris

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