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Future Copywriter

Mary Grace Collins


My hobbies: weightlifting, visiting art galleries, travel, and annoying my cat.

Hi, I'm Mary Grace!

I'm 24 living in Pennsylvania, USA with my cat Millie. I recently graduated with my bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Political Science with a minor in Global Studies. Currently, I work in the trades (general contract/remodeling) which I enjoy very much. The juxtaposition of my white-collar education and blue-collar job is a source of endless curiosity.

I am pivoting to copywriting because it requires a skill set I already have (yay for not having to lie on a resume!) and for the flexibility of remote work. In my new post-grad life, I'd like to do some traveling before pursuing graduate work in London. Topics I'd love to write on are the politics of *insert anything here*, social critique, and infrastructure/city planning.

Mary Grace Collins
Mary Grace Collins

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