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Copywriter / Creative writer / Screenplay Writer

Nora O'Dea


In my free time, I enjoy writing short stories and scripts. I have always enjoyed writing, and I am currently part of a writing group and a contributing writer to From Artois, an online literary magazine. I plan to continually develop my writing skills and publish some work in the future. I love to go on long walks and forget about the time, either in the countryside by the trees and the waves or in the city to people watch and wonder through vintage shops. I like to switch off by curling up and watching a good film or some quality TV in bed.

I am from Ireland originally and have spent the last three years living in Amsterdam. While I was meant to be focusing on my bachelor's; Media & Culture, I was quickly sucked into a world of varying creative endeavours: I painted props in the Red Light District while working as a set designer, I interviewed artists for a documentary about childhood trauma and wrote short stories for a writing group. These eclectic passions may seem unrelated, but I believe my wide creative experience has left me with a natural knack for telling stories and getting into people's heads.

Nora O'Dea
Nora O'Dea

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