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Currently: undergrad 👩🏼‍🎓 but pending... 📝

Petra Ball Abarca


My hobbies are: reading weekly magazines articles ... my fav being Refinery29 & romance books (hopeless romantic I am)
I do enjoy baking - testing out new recipes (banana bread is the one)

Hi, my name is Petra….

I am known to be ‘chatter-box’ or ‘social-butterfly’ of socialising or gossiping as some may say… and they are not wrong! Hence why I decided to join Wordtonic to put my good use of such traits and with my optimistic attitude you will never catch a rainy day with me… just positive energy and vibes! 🌞

I am known to be a 'walking, talking Tik Tok'… as any given relatable moment in my life I will blurt out a Tik Tok reference/meme!

I am currently an undergraduate student who is majoring in media (PS… it does not involve endless Instagram scrolling) who is in hopes in becoming a writer someday.

Petra Ball Abarca
Petra Ball Abarca

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