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Film Professional, Content & Copywriter 🎟️

Rebecca Rae


My hobbies include being a slug and watching fantasy shows while my partner is out of town. Trying crafts that I’m never instantly perfect at so shelve. Writing on occasion. Reading. Singing badly. Emotional sponge-ing.

‘She’s a little lost but she’s got the spirit.’ I’m a maker of movies, with a wheelbarrow of words that I’d like to put to work. It’s the typical story, isn’t it? A reader, a fanfic writer, a WIP scribbler, woke up in the middle of the night and now my ideas are barely understandable run-on sentences, and a put-it-all-on-hold-er until I found the right time. I’ll never find the right time. Actively making this the right time.

Rebecca Rae
Rebecca Rae

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