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✍️ Freelance Content and Copywriter

Samantha (Sam) Hindman

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My hobbies: Snuggling and watching Game of Thrones with my lovely boyfriend Noah, Reading (right now I'm reading Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas), and watching Anime! When I'm not writing, of course.


Lovely to meet you, I'm Sam.

I'm a freelance content and copywriter who is versatile, with a taste for new experiences with every project. My jack-of-all-trades mindset allows me to work on the fly, juggle a lot of hats at once, and use my versatile knowledge to create writing that is personable, authentic, and entertaining.

For example, as a copywriter with history in the journalism field, my research and interviewing skills have really tagged along closely with me on this adventure.

As a copywriter with a history in theatre, I use my improvisational skills to craft immersive storytelling in my copy.

As a copywriter who comes from a blue-collar family, and is a first-generation college student, I use my earnest craving for experience to do as much as I can, as often as I can, for those who put their trust in me to care for their business and brand.

I hope to get to know you better, feel free to contact me today and we can get something started!

Samantha (Sam) Hindman
Samantha (Sam) Hindman

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