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Scarlett Clemmow


My hobbies: Singing, reading, and spending time with friends! I listen to music of all genres and can be found in the kitchen on most evenings, cooking whatever I can find the ingredients for. When I need to clear my head and get away from it all for a bit, I’ll head out on a lengthy walk!

Hi! I’m Scarlett and I recently finished a master’s in music at Cambridge. I’ve always loved to write and was lucky enough to gain experience writing regularly for local magazines, starting at the age of just ten. I am also a singer so, when I left school, I went off to the University of Cambridge to study music. I LOVED my degree - especially the writing aspect, and when I graduated, I thought: why not see if this could be my job? Cut to a few months later, and here I am! I currently work as the copywriter for STAGE Community, an incredible music start-up, and also write freelance for a number of other businesses. Whatever you need writing, I’m here for it!

Scarlett Clemmow
Scarlett Clemmow

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