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Trainee Copywriter, Poet 👩🏻‍💻✍️🥀

Steffy Shepherd


My hobbies: writing, reading, traveling, cooking, photography, watching tv shows & movies, hiking.

I'm a former chef 👩🏻‍🍳 who worked in the hotel industry for some years. I felt like my purpose was more than just cooking and headed into another direction called “the world of advertising”. Before arriving there I had the chance to work as a freelance content creator for a startup writing articles for different kind of websites. It was fun and diverse. Writing about topics like tech, lifestyle, travel, gaming, movies, etc.

When I was a kid I wrote short fantasy stories. As a teenager I’ve started writing poetry which is something I still love to do. The passion for writing was always there. Personally, poetry is the best way to express your feelings and experiences.

I got the opportunity to start my writing career in advertising as a trainee copywriter. I’m grateful. ❤️

Steffy Shepherd
Steffy Shepherd

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