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Social Media Manager & Copywriter ✒️

Vasco Nino


My hobbies:
Other than the obvious one (hint: writing) I also love travelling (clearly) and I try to plan trips as often as I can even if it is locally. There's always something new to explore!!
Photography is also a big one for me, if I'm not writing or at work, you can find me around town taking pictures of everything and anything, I mostly enjoy street photography, but surrealist photography is also a big passion of mine. This has allowed me to gain a good grasp of Photoshop, which I mostly learnt independently.
And lastly, I recently got into plants and I can't stop myself from planting seeds or buying new green friends, help?

My entire bio would need a few pages, if not a book, but some key things to know about me:
1. Recently graduated from an MA in Language & Linguistic and French from an amazing uni in Scotland.
2. I am multilingual and multicultural, I have lived in 5 different countries that I love. I love to learn about the culture and the things that have influenced the pop-culture for each of those countries (and beyond).
3. I'm a photographer (as well as a writer), I love the way that both mediums allow me to tell stories in such different ways, word and images together take it to the next level.
If you want to more about me, feel free to connect on LinkedIn, Instagram or drop me an email!

Vasco Nino
Vasco Nino

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