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Yasmine Jones


My hobbies: Most of the time I can be found obsessing over the 70's, Stevie Nicks, flared jeans, or my elite music taste. Other than that I read a lot, write a lot, obsess over nature a lot, and will spend hours talking and writing about my current interests. I also like rewatching that one clip of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham singing silver springs

Hey there!

I’m Yasmine, a 22-year-old who got so many compliments from her English teacher that she decided to base her entire personality on how much she loves to write. Currently, I'm working on my first novel as I build a platform and throw myself into the world of copywriting.

I also post the occasional (soon to be more regular, I hope) blog piece on Medium. I tend to talk about anything I find interesting, from spirituality and witchcraft to the realities of being a woman, mental health, social media, to some weird tangent I made people in real life listen to me talk about for a month. Basically, I write about everything that pops into my mind.

Like everyone else, I want my writing to mean something to other people, and I realised that never sharing that would be the biggest reason that never happens. So here I am, writing something that hopefully matters to someone.

Yasmine Jones
Yasmine Jones

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