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Want to write for a living You can. WAIT, WHAT I bet you never thought you could turn your

Want to write for a living?


You can.




I bet you never thought you could turn your love of writing and words into a proper full-time career, did you?


I’m not talking about journalism or writing a book.


I’m talking about copywriting (and if your  immediate reaction is, ‘WTF is that?’ don’t worry - I got you, just scroll down).

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I’m 22 years old and no one ever told me about this shit at secondary school - it was always ‘become a teacher,’ or, ‘get a proper job in (insert whatever STEM job they always bang on about in class).


Copywriting was hidden from me for SO LONG until one day I discovered it and everything inside my body and my brain and my heart suddenly connected and made sense and I felt like I had a purpose - a direction.


You’ll feel the same way once I explain what it is, trust me.



Stuff like: blog posts and emails and product descriptions (like that funny writing you see on Innocent Smoothie bottles) and newsletters and adverts (the kind you see on the tube or on buses that make you stop and stare and and want to take a photo because they’re THAT good).



You literally get paid to write stuff, all day every day (and some copywriters do this thing called ‘freelancing’ which basically means they can work from anywhere IN THEIR PJs).

What copywriting looks like...

Feel that flicker of excitement in your heart?


That’s because you’ve finally found a career that doesn’t bore you TF out - a career that lets you do what you LOVE for a living.


It all feels like it's coming together, like it makes sense -  like you FINALLY know what you want to do with your life now.


There’s just one thing - HOW do you actually become a copywriter?

We’ll teach you how to go from, ‘I don’t know what TF I’m doing with my life,’ to, ‘people pay me to write stuff for them.’


From not knowing what copywriting is to actually BECOMING a copywriter.


And you don’t even need to fork out £9,000 on a degree - or splash £1,000 on a copywriting course.

Because Word Tonic will teach you everything from scratch AND give you a chance to meet other young people doing copywriting - for just £12 a month (which - if ya think about it - is LESS THAN 50p A DAY!)

like an online school, but for copywriting.png

A place where you’ll learn the tricks of the trade, how to break into the copywriting industry, and become a better writer (the only difference is, there’s no middle-aged 50-year-old dude running the show - this community is run ENTIRELY by GEN-Z copywriters who are young and killing it in their own copywriting careers).


Ready to become a member and kick-start your career in copywriting?

Learn how to become a copywriter and master your copywriting skills in weekly masterclasses and Q&As with BIG-NAME copywriters and industry legends who've written for your favourite brands like Oatly, Marvel, and NESPRESSO.

The Word Tonic crew on call 

PS. All calls are recorded, so totally cool if you miss 'em

Ross has written for Google...

We learn a lot on calls, but we also don't take ourselves too seriously...

Meet other young aspiring copywriters and GEN-Z copywriters in an exclusive Discord, make new friends for life, and have a dedicated space to ask questions and get advice to help you on your young copywriting journey.

Learn how to become a freelance copywriter and work from anywhere with a 25% discount on an accredited copywriting course created by an agency that’s written for brands like TikTok & Adidas.


PS. A freelance copywriter is the same as a normal copywriter - only difference is, they are their OWN boss and can work from anywhere (in their PJs).

You're this close to starting your copywriting journey...

Just picture it.

You. Your laptop. In your bed. Writing away in your PJs. Pure freedom & bliss.

And Word Tonic can teach you how.

old mab.jpg

No offense to 50-year old Kevin, but this community is NOT RUN by a middle-aged stud muffin.

I mean, that would kindaaaaaa be a bit hypocritical considering this is a copywriting club JUST for GEN-Z.

So yeah.

This community is run ENTIRELY by GEN-Z and was created by this odd-ball:

Hey! My name's Carolyn

Mind the pic, but I am a ~bit~ weird (my mum calls it quirky, maybe that's better).

I'm 22 years old and I've been copywriting for five years. I started out in the industry quite young - like '17-years old' kinda young.

I created Word Tonic because I wanted there to be a safe space just for young aspiring copywriters to get together, learn, and grow in their careers together.


These seven young copywriters also help run Word Tonic:

Wow, YOU are a tough cookie.

Don't you want to learn how to become a copywriter for LESS than a penny a day?

Don't you want to meet other young people who love writing and are working their way towards this career?

I think you do (I mean, you wouldn't have come all this way done for nothing).

Look, I've got one more thing for you - have a read of what current members think about Word Tonic.

Social proof and all that...

"Word Tonic was the reason I got my FIRST proper job in copywriting, everyone there helps each other out and through all of my application process, I had so much support from Carolyn and all the other friends I made. They also helped me pass the first two stages of a summer internship at Pearsons!!"


~ Melanie Scanlon ~

"As an aspiring young copywriter and someone who struggles a lot with reaching out to people, this was a community that made me feel like writing was actually something profitable... and not some boring hobby as people make it out to be. It gave me a sense of security and direction."


~ Diogo Ernesto ~

~ Indiana Williams ~

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