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(We guarantee that this course will make you 99.9% hotter)

disclaimer; *will make you hot (to employers, that is). we hold zero liability for anyone purchasing this course in the belief it will make them as hot as paris hilton (it won't)

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"This course made me hot.
To employers, that is."

~Lauren Bannister~

(part of the pilot testing round)

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"I hate traditional courses. Stuffy. Weird language. So being able to do a copywriting course that was ALSO fun to read and felt like your cool aunt was talking to you, was really cool."

~Amy Worgan~

(part of the pilot testing round)

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Join the waitlist NOW
*holds a strawberry lace to your throat*
(you'll get a 15% discount when we launch...)

This course is your  gateway into copywriting.

And unlike fucking SCHOOL, it's not just theory.  We're not about to sit here and learn how to write and then send you home.

Sure, you'll learn how to write an amazing ad that

will make people who HATE marmite wanna buy marmite.


And you'll discover the art of screenwriting, from a copywriter who's single-handedly written the entire TV script for Spotify's Wrapped Event in London.

But you'll also walk away with:

  • a finished and full portfolio, so you can start landing gigs

  • the know-how of WHERE to look to actually find THOSE gigs

  • a cute certificate, to show that you're 'certified to write'

And the best part about it?


It's not made by a copywriter
with 30+ years of experience 

There's a million copywriting courses out there by hotshots who have been in the industry since the Mosasaurus roamed

(uhm, well... swam?) the earth.


put that thing on a leash!

Now, we know
what you're thinking...

'"BUT isn't it good to learn from people who have been doing this for 20+ years and have sooooo much experience?"

Yes, BUT:

They're so removed from your reality.

So far away from where you are in your career right now.

Hell, they're like 20 years older than you.


You cannot see yourself in THEIR shoes.

Which is why this copywriting course is created by junior copywriters.

All your course instructors are young people, just like you.


Some are STILL at uni and managed to land 

copywriting roles at leading marketing agencies.

Some switched careers at 25 and within a year, landed copywriting awards.

Others have written for giants like SKY, Virgin, and Spotify.

Now that's doable; if they did it, you can too.

And you'll learn how in this course.

And FYI, all Word Tonic members will get an EVEN BIGGER discount on the course - more than just 15%. So if you're not a member yet, sign up. We have a first month discount running this July so GOOD TIMING:


✨What is copywriting?

✨ The different career paths for copywriters

✨Building a portfolio from scratch

✨ 10 laws of copywriting

✨How to write; an ad

✨ How to write a; script

✨How to write a; blog post

✨How to write; web copy

✨How to write; emails and newsletters

✨How to write; social media copy

✨How to tackle a brief

✨What is spec work?

✨How to design a portfolio when you're crap at design

✨How to network

✨Jazzing up your LinkedIn profile

✨Outreach for freelancers; cold pitching and warm pitching

✨How to write a CV that doesn't suck ass

✨The art of a cover letter

✨Where to find gigs; freelance and full-time

✨How to prep for interviews

✨What employers and clients look for in applications

✨What to charge

✨The art of negotiation

✨AI and how to use it to stand out

✨Understanding the basics of SEO

✨How to get a mentor

✨How to stand out with creative writing

✨To niche or not to niche

✨What's next?

Get on the waiting list

and be the first to find out when the course drops

*you'll even get an exclusive 15% discount on it*

And FYI, all Word Tonic members will get an EVEN BIGGER discount on the course - more than just 15%. So if you're not a member yet, sign up. We have a first month discount running right now so GOOD TIMING.

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