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Barry White

Are you a brand or an agency with a L&D budget for your copywriters?

Well, hello you ;)


That was supposed to be done in one of those really slick M&S food advert voices or Barry White when he's singing a love song.

In other words, we want you.

You get us excited.

And there's plenty of reasons why you should get excited by us.


Here's why...

We'll help GEN-Z copywriters on your team upskill for the literal prize of pizza

Learning and development is one of those things brands and agencies (like you) are obsessed with.

How can we make our team BETTER?

How can we expose our GEN-Z copywriters to fresh perspectives that make THEM better rounded and more creative human beings?

How can we HELP OUR COPYWRITERS learn new skills?

That's a lot of pressure on your shoulders and we can help with that.

A lot.


Because by dipping your pinkie into the Word Tonic universe and expensing a membership for your GEN-Z copywriters, you'll be giving them access to hot stuff like:

masterclasses + workshops

with copywriters and creative directors from brands like Vayner Media, TikTok, Oatly, + Duolingo

video archive

of all past masterclasses + workshops 

Video archive of Word Tonic Masterclasses and workshops

a community of 400+ gen-z copywriters

so YOUR gen-z copywriters can feel less lonely + connect with other copywriters their own age and get exposed to lots of fresh, diverse perspectives from around the world.

Word Tonic Community

AI readiness calls

Monthly calls where GEN-Z copywriters on your team will get a chance to play around with tools like ChatGPT, learn how to combine them with their own creativity + stay ahead of the curve

AI masterclass call

creativity bootcamp

a series where we speak to people OUTSIDE the copywriting industry like rappers/poets/perfumers/artists to get a fresh perspective on how we can bring as much creativity into our copy as possible.

Creativity bootcamp sessions

community stuff

The power of a great community can help GEN-Z copywriters in your team feel more inspired, seen + motivated. Alongside all the L&D stuff, they'll also have a chance to take part in fun stuff like monthly copy challenges (with prizes) and copywriting book clubs and film clubs.

Word Tonic community discord call
Add a little bit of body text (3).png

Network  + chat + get advice from 400+ other young copywriters of all levels in our private Discord 

Oh, here's a snapshot of all the amazing speakers we've brought on for our brands and agency copywriters ;)


And how much will all this cost your L&D budget?

Only £12 a month
(that's around $15 if you're in the USA).


We cost about the same as a large Domino's cheese pizza and for EVERYTHING your GEN-Z copywriter(s) will get, that is big bang for your buck.



(I'm saying that in a Pretty Woman voice - ya know, when she's in that shop and gets revenge on the shop workers who looked down on her before but now she's spending sweet sweeeet money?)

I'll stop.

But you get my point.

Big bang.

Now, you can totally expense this on a month-by-month basis if that's easier for you.

But we also offer annual/yearly subscriptions if that's up your alley too.

Which is £144 a year
(or around $185)

Or if you like talking in analogies, that's less money than that office party you held pre-covid.

Or a LinkedIn premium membership (do people really dosh out £40 a month for stalking?)

Godmother for gen-z copywriters

Ready to become a LITERAL fairy godmother for your GEN-Z copywriter/creative?

You've read all the goods.

You feel excited.

YOU CAN'T WAIT TO GET YOUR GEN-Z COPYWRITER(S) a Word Tonic membership so they can upskill like crazy.

Well, sign up like the good fairy godmother you are...

Monthly L&D subscription


Annual L&D subscription


ps. if you need something more bespoke or have a specific vision (say, an ENTIRE program for your team to help them break down barriers/understand GEN-Z better/learn + develop, get in touch at

Case studies
(or in less boring-speak, members who've had their Word Tonic membership expensed by their company's L&D budgets)

Social Media Manager @ Tonic Agency

Word Tonic case study member Adelina Iacurto 
Spin Brands logo
Tonic Agency

Copywriter @ Spin Brands

Word Tonic Member case study Jacob Cardwell

Creative + Community Lead @ Twirl

Word Tonic Member case study Rachel Nielsen
Twirl logo

And here's our extra brownie points...


We are global

Which means your GEN-Z copywriters will constantly get exposed to fresh, diverse perspectives from all over the world that they can bring back into their work with you. Plus, they'll get to connect with copywriters their own age, just like them from countries like Ukraine, Russia, UK, USA, Portugal, South Africa, India, etc.

We are diverse

If the whole global thing isn't enough proof of how diverse we really are, we're super proud to have members from all walks of life and strongly support the neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ community.

We're run entirely by GEN-Z

We're not kidding.

The Word Tonic Community was created by a 23-year old copywriter who started out in the industry at 17, quit uni (twice) and was sick and tired of always being the youngest one in copywriting communities.

Hi, hello, that's me - I'm the founder and I teamed up with seven other GEN-Z copywriters to create a community & learning hub for ONLY GEN-Z copywriters.

A safe space for us to connect, grow, and develop our skills.

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