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Word Tonic Recruitment

We're more than just a learning platform - we also help connect members up with brands to land copywriting jobs.

How and why?

It's simple.

Brands often come to us when they need help on a GEN-Z marketing project.

Why do they come to us?

Because all our members are GEN-Z copywriters - they're all fresh, young writers who understand GEN-Z because they are GEN-Z.

Have a read of this article that LBB Online wrote about us to find out more about our recruitment service.

word tonic RECRUITMEN.png

We've helped members get gigs at brands like...


We even hold recruitment events

We also hold regular recruitment events, where members can show off their portfolios to hundreds of brands online if they want to.


Of course you are, boo.

Time to invest in yourself and your career ;)

Need more convincing?

That's fine by us, honey.
We know we're the shit.
Now it's time to CONVINCE YOU.
Now, if you join you won't just get access to our recruitment service, you'll also get:

weekly masterclasses

Jump on live masterclasses with the world's most noticeable brands - like Google, Duolingo, and National Geographic - where you'll learn the ins + outs of copywriting from experts and how to land copywriting jobs at these companies

Portfolio building

A great portfolio is the first thing you want to put together to get a job in copywriting. Word Tonic will help you build one, even if you have no copywriting experience


private hub

Hang out + chat + get help from 400+ other young copywriters of all levels in our private Discord 

Add a little bit of body text (3).png

certified course

Courses aren't a MUST but if do you want a certification and a guided course to help you become a freelancer copywriter, you're in LUCK - we've partnered with The Creative Copywriter to offer our members 25%  ($72) off on their academy course when you join Word Tonic today



Take part in monthly copywriting challenges where you could win prizes worth $40

(this month's challenge is in partnership with Krispy Kreme)

Screenshot 2023-10-26 223411.png

Join Word Tonic

£15 per month (equivalent to $18 USD)

No lock-ins - cancel anytime

*Limited-time discount - only £9.99 for your first month*


Erm, not like that.

(Now you know we have a sense of humour)

But more IMPORTANTLY, FUCK ME because you get SO much if you join
and it's literally cheaper than a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

~Invest in your career today, boo~

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