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Word Tonic reviews

What members think about Word Tonic + why you should join

*holds a strawberry lace to your throat*

Alexia Raucci

"To be completely dramatic, Word Tonic has changed my life - I have a job because of them! If it wasn't for Word Tonic, I wouldn't have gotten a direct intorduction to the CEO of Fiveable - where I now work as a copywriter, full-time."

~GEN-Z copywriter for Fiveable + USA based~


Damaani Burns

"This community has opened so many more doors for me in my copywriting career than I ever imagined - from helping me land gigs at Bumble and Spotify, to giving me a chance to learn from the greats at brands like Google."

~Freelance copywriter + UK based~

Izi Wilkowski

"Within 4 months of joining the Word Tonic community I had my first paying client. Which is pretty crazy considering I didn’t even know what copywriting was before I found Word Tonic. I didn’t know what career to pursue. I just knew I wanted it to be creative, so it’s really lucky I found the community! Now I work at a London agency and won a copywriting award!"

~GEN-Z copywriter for YOU Agency + UK based~

la (1).png

Jason Coleman

"I've joined a lot of copywriting communities but the one thing I love about Word Tonic is that it's ONLY for GEN-Z writers. Like, it's even created by GEN-Z. No one else is allowed in and it's been nice chatting with other people my age, in the same industry as me - growing + learning together."

~Freelance copywriter + USA based~

Maryam Muhib

"I love being part of this vibrant platform - I'm able to learn and build my portfolio from scratch at my own pace and get valuable feedback. My favourite masterclass so far had to be the Disney x Word Tonic one!"

~Aspiring copywriter + USA based~

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Marleena Garris

"Word Tonic is THE SHIT. There's much to learn and dip your toes into and before joining, I wasn't landing ANY writing gigs - now work is coming to me!"

~Freelance copywriter & actor + USA based~

Ella Hamilton

"I love the sense of community, having friendly and reliable people available to help out one another, and I'm able to get advice and tips - as well as make friends, I know that sounds strange but I think making friends with people that do the same thing and are likeminded is a huge catalyst towards the success of your work."

~Freelance copywriter + UK based~


Yasmin Bligh

"As a neurodivergent writer, I was super happy when I found out how accommodating Word Tonic is - there's even a whole support channel just for us! I also love being able to connect with brands like Google in masterclasses."

~Aspiring copywriter + UK based~

Erin Norton

"I joined Word Tonic a couple of months ago and not being dramatic or nothing but it's probably the best thing I've done all year. Not only have I met some amazing people, I am continuing to learn and grow as a writer/wordsy person every day. One of my favourite parts about WT is there's NO NEED to set a 2:35am alarm to go watch that masterclass you've been waiting for as everything is recorded."

~Freelance copywriter + Australia based~


Jess Wilkinson

"I always wanted to write for a living, I just didn't know how I'd pay the bills outside of having my novels published. But after coming across Word Tonic, a whole new world opened up to me. There's a career path that will allow me to be creative AND make coin?? If I hadn't been surrounded by other people's copy, given advice and feedback from other writers, and creating spec copy with the weekly prompts from Carolyn, I wouldn't have been able to learn how to write copy, or get a social media marketing job for WIPpitch

(a social space for storytellers).


It's just the perfect environment to learn and grow. I knew nothing about copywriting before I joined. All I knew about it was Mad Men related, honestly. So, after joining Word Tonic, I can now live out my Peggy Olson fantasy, knowing I can write for a living alongside being a published author (someday soon, hopefully!)"

~Freelance copywriter + UK based~

Roos Van de Velden

"I'm from the Netherlands but Word Tonic is SO global, I instantly found other Dutch young writers in the community. I think the most valuable thing for me has been the masterclasses and the portfolio building opportunities."

~Freelance copywriter + Netherlands based~


Jack Leo (Jacy)

"I really like how much I immediately fitted in with Word Tonic. The distinctive lack of disconnect you'd get with other groups is nowhere to be seen here. Gen Z is the future!"

~Scriptwriter + UK based~


"DISNEY? GOOGLE? OATLY? I never thought I'd get to meet people from these brands, let alone learn how to write for a living from them!"

~Aspiring copywriter + South Africa based~


Rachel Steele

"Word Tonic is an amazing community for Gen-Z who are passionate about copywriting! There are so many educational resources and there’s such a great sense of community - everyone just wants to uplift and support each other through their journey into copywriting. I would highly, highly recommend Word Tonic to any young person wanting to write for a living!"

~Freelance copywriter + UK based~

Asha Okasili-Henry

"Before I joined Word Tonic I barely knew anything about copywriting, I was just a recent grad desperately trying to figure out what to do with my life and craving something more creative. It’s still early days, but I’ve already learned so much about copywriting, freelancing, and networking and I’m super excited to be building up my portfolio. The monthly challenges and writing prompts have given me such a sense of direction; I don’t find myself wondering ‘what the hell am I supposed to write about?’ because I know that there’s such a wealth of info at my fingertips. Copywriting is one of those obscure career paths they don’t tell you about in school, but Word Tonic democratises that information and makes it so easy to understand."


~Freelance copywriter + UK based~

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