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Ready to join us?

Learn how to become a copywriter from brands like Google, Marvel, Ogilvy & more.
Attend online masterclasses, build your portfolio from scratch, and gain practical hands-on experience to boost your CV that will help you land you your next copywriting gig.

For only £15 / mth

(most currencies accepted + you can cancel anytime)

Become a copywriter today and work from anywhere in the world...

Here's what you get if you join Word Tonic

weekly masterclasses

Jump on live masterclasses with the world's most noticeable brands - like Google, Duolingo, and National Geographic - where you'll learn the ins + outs of copywriting from experts and how to land copywriting jobs at these companies.

*always recorded, so totally chill if you miss them

(and nothing is compulsory - take everything at your own pace).

Portfolio building

A great portfolio is the first step to becoming a copywriter.

Word Tonic will help you build one with briefs and exercises, even if you have no copywriting experience.


check out the work of copywriters in our Word Tonic community...
*you could be creating work just like this*

private hub

Hang out + chat + get help from 700+ other young copywriters of all levels in our private Discord 

Add a little bit of body text (3).png

certified course

Courses aren't a MUST but if you do want a certification and a guided course to help you become a freelance copywriter, you're in LUCK - we've partnered with The Creative Copywriter to offer our members 25%  ($72) off on their academy course when you join Word Tonic today



Take part in monthly copywriting challenges where you can win prizes and get recognition from global brands.

(this month's challenge is in partnership with Krispy Kreme)

Screenshot 2023-10-26 223411.png

copywriting jobs

Word Tonic also runs a recruitment service where we've helped our members get copywriting jobs with brands like Guess + Bumble, if they fit requirements. Join today to be added to our database.

Enhance your CV (resume)

When you join Word Tonic, you're taking an active step to learn and develop your copywriting skills, on your own time (even as a newbie). Being able to say 'I'm learning and developing my copywriting skills in masterclasses with brands like Google,' is a great add-on to your resume.

i’m part of a global copywriting community where i’m able to learn and develop my copywrit

Subscribe now!

Ready to join 700+ other young writers trailblazing their way into careers in advertising?

£15 / mth

(most currencies accepted + you can cancel at anytime)

Oh and FYI, this plastic kid's toy aquarium is LITERALLY the same price as a Word Tonic subscription, YES WE ARE CRYING RN. WE ARE THE SAME PRICE AS A KID'S TOY.

creative writing 

Showing employers your creative writing skills can help you stand out and show your passion outside of work. We host a bi-annual creative writing anthology, published online to an audience of 8,000+ people that members can take part in.



AI is growing more & more popular and though it won't take over copywriting, learning how to combine it creatively with your writing can help you stand out to employers. Join Word Tonic and attend monthly ChatGPT sessions that can be added to your CV.

Still a lil unsure about joining?

Keep scrolling for a hell of a lot of convincing...


Why members love Word Tonic...

Untitled design (92).png

"Word Tonic is my tribe - I've found friends for life and a support network. I have so much support from Carolyn and all the other friends I made. They also helped me pass the first two stages of a summer internship at Pearsons!!"


~ Melanie Scanlon ~

"I don't know a lot of other (copy)writers, and certainly not a lot of ones my age. I thought this would be a great place to meet other people (my age!!) writing for a living, share what I can and learn from a lot of different writers and perspectives. Writing professionally at our age/in general can get lonely at times and I really believed a place that shows others/ourselves that it's not only possible but that other people are doing it and are willing to give support would be a really important investment professionally and personally."


~ Leon Paul-Lynn ~


~ Marleena Garris ~

~ Alexia, Izi, + Amy ~

You're a tough nut to crack
(but it's ok, we like nuts here)

Here's what you'll be missing out on if you continue to stand there lurking on us, FOMO-ing at the mouth...

Upcoming masterclasses
(that you will miss out on if you don't join us)

masterclass with...



You can literally become a copywriter for Pokémon - who THE HELL KNEW!?!

Anyway, we'll be doing a copy masterclass with Pokémon writer - 

Ashley Schwellenbach - very soon.

So join us if you wanna learn how to becomes a games copywriter ;)

ssome great copy paltofrms to join (a joke) YOU, TRYING TO LEARN COPYWRITING.png

website copywriting
masterclass with

Who said copywriting means only ever writing about products and being SUPER consumerist?

Because you can be a copywriter and actually use your skills to promote charities and causes you care about.

A bit like the RSPCA.

And we'll actually be  having a masterclass with

Jodie Adam - website manager of RSPCA - who'll be sharing his tips for breaking into charitable copywriting + how to write web-copy.


tone of voice
masterclass with
Liquid Death

Canned water, but make it rebellious.

That's Liquid Death, summed up; a canned water company with a fiery edge

(think the RedBull of water).

Word Tonic will be hopping on a live copywriting workshop with Andy Pearson - Vice President of Liquid Death - to learn all about tone of voice and how we as writers can be braver in what we create.


At this point, I'm guessing it's the moolah that's getting to you.

You're wondering whether £15 a month is really worth it and maybe you're even thinking,
'jeez, that's expensive,' even though we told you it's literally the same price as a crappy kid's toy but WAY better.


PS. Here's everything you spend £15 on
(without batting an eyelid)

that daily takeout coffee habit you have

SERIOUSLY, that shit costs like £4 a day - that's £120 A MONTH!!!

Meh. You pay like a combined £15  (at least) for both of these lil subscriptions. And they don't even teach you anything. I mean, unless you watch documentaries all the time.

Your Netflix + Spotify subscription

That cocktail you got that had a fancy sounding name

Seriously. These bitches get even more expensive if you buy them in the city.

Tastes amazing but doesn't last, might give you gas + bloat you (Word Tonic doesn't do that and it lasts forever).


A large takeaway pizza

Oh and here's all the times that Word Tonic has been featured in the press - oh, la la.
*just click the lil logos to read about us*

We are a proudly diverse community

We pride ourselves on creating a safe space for everyone and ARE FUCKING PROUD to have such a diverse bunch of young, talented people as part of the Word Tonic crew.


We celebrate and support everyone - no questions asked.

And have a goal of bringing as many fresh, young, and diverse perspectives to the creative industry as possible.

"But I'm at school/uni/I have a job."

Bruh, take it easy.

It's not like we're asking you to marry us.

Think of it as a NSA (no-strings-attached) relationship. You can leave us and cancel at anytime.

And as for being BUSY? 

We get it. You think you'll wait until you have more time to join - maybe you'll wait until you graduate or wait until you've finished that job. Whatever.

But truth is, there is no perfect time.

It's much better to take teeny tiny baby steps (hell, WE CALL THEM FETUS STEPS) day-by-day than wait until you've graduated/quit your job and have to begin from scratch on a completely blank slate.

Why not graduate and I DUNNO, actually have a portfolio set up?

Why not leave your job and actually BE SO READY and have another job lined up (one in copywriting, ofc) because you spent 10 minutes here and there in Word Tonic learning and developing your skills.

You'll get way further if you start now and take some kind of a step than if you keep porcrastinating.

Priya is literal proof of that
She was at uni and joined Word Tonic + took tiny baby steps; now she has a part-time copywriting job, while she finishes her degree 


Members have gone on to write for...

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Our most commonly asked questions...

Q) I have a busy schedule - do you need to come to all calls?


A) Nope! Word Tonic is super chill - take everything at your own pace. Nothing is compulsory and there are 0 expectations. Everyone learns differently. We're also a community - not just a learning hub. A space for you to make connections and friends, and find your tribe in the copywriting world.


Q) Are calls recorded?


A) YES! Every single call is recorded and popped in the Word Tonic folder - so you can go back and watch whenever.


Q) I'm from Australia/Poland/South Africa (INSERT WHATEVER COUNTRY YOU COME FROM) - can I join the community?


A) OF COURSE :) We are a global community with more than 200 members from all over the world (and we accept all currencies). We've got members in Dubai, UK, USA, Australia, Egypt, India, and Ukraine.

Still unconvinced?

Fuck me, you're tough to please.

Okay then.

Check out a teaser of this copywriting masterclass we did with Duolingo...

weekly masterclasses

Jump on live masterclasses with the world's most noticeable brands - like Google, Duolingo, and National Geographic - where you'll learn the ins + outs of copywriting from experts and how to land copywriting jobs at these companies

weekly masterclasses

Jump on live masterclasses with the world's most noticeable brands - like Google, Duolingo, and National Geographic - where you'll learn the ins + outs of copywriting from experts and how to land copywriting jobs at these companies

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