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Learn how to write for a living and join our GEN-Z copywriting learning platform for the ~literal~ price of a Domino's pizza.

Ready to join us?

£12 / month

What do you get when you join?

live monthly masterclasses​​

copy community calls

Every month, you can join our masterclasses where you’ll be able to hear from BIG-BRAND copywriters (think Duolingo, Oatly, Google, Tiktok - ya get my drift) and bring them all your burning questions and learn a bunch of stuff to develop your skills. So like, GRAB YOUR POPCORN.

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WE LOVE SPEAKERS but we also like having our own thing going on so if you’re down, feel free to join us in our community calls - where members get together to learn more copywriting stuff (think interactive workshops, Q&As, and copy discussions).

video archive

discord server

We record ABSOLUTELY everything so even if you can’t make a call, you can watch it back later. We have around 50 sessions in the archive that you can enjoy right now too ;)

Hang out with 400+ other young writers just like you in our private, swanky Discord server. We have LOTS of copy channels in there so you can use it to ask for advice, soak up a fuck-ton of wisdom, or just make friends with like-minded people.


discounted copy course

Word Tonic has partnered up with The Creative Copywriter (a super snazzy copywriting agency in London that’s worked for the BIG BOYS like TikTok & Adidas) to bring you a copywriting course. It’ll teach you the basics and more. Plus we’re giving it to members with a 25% discount (ofc, you don’t NEED to take the course - everything you learn in the community will be enough - but it’s there if you want it).

Still a lil unsure about joining?
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(we have more to show you!

Subscribe now!

So, you're ready to join us (I mean, GOOOOOD CHOICE!) Sign-up below - you'll be taken to a payment window. Once you've subbed, head on over to your email as we'll have sent you everything you need to start making the most out of Word Tonic :)

£12 / mth

(all currencies accepted)

Pssst.  WHAT'S THIS?
Secret discount coming up...

If you join NOW (this is a time-limited offer) you'll only pay £7.99 for your first month as a member.


Why members love Word Tonic...

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"Word Tonic is my tribe - I've found friends for life and a support network. It's also the reason I got my FIRST proper job in copywriting, everyone there helps each other out and through all of my application process, I had so much support from Carolyn and all the other friends I made. They also helped me pass the first two stages of a summer internship at Pearsons!!"


~ Melanie Scanlon ~

As an aspiring young copywriter and someone who struggles a lot with reaching out to people, this was a community that made me feel like writing was actually something profitable... and not some boring hobby as people make it out to be. It gave me a sense of security and direction."


~ Diogo Ernesto ~

~ Rochella Providence ~

~ Marleena Garris ~

Ok, YOU are a tough nut to crack (but I like nuts, so it's all good)

So if ALL that isn't doing it for you,
 maybe seeing some of the copywriters we bring on to deliver masterclasses to members will change your mind...


At this point, I'm guessing it's the moolah that's getting to you.

You're wondering whether £12 a month is really worth it and maybe you're even thinking, 'jeez, that's expensive.'

Just to remind you (again) you literally get four copywriting calls a week, get to chat with writers from brands like Marvel and Oatly and Google, get advice from a private Discord, and get a 25% discount on a copywriting course as a member.

Oh, and have a lil Google - search up 'copywriting communities,' - you'll see that most of 'em charge something mad like £80 a month. Kinda puts it into perspective, right?


Still not doing it for you?
Here's everything else you spend £12 on without batting an eyelid:

that daily Starbucks (insert whatever coffee) habit you have

SERIOUSLY, that shit costs like £4 a day - that's £120 A MONTH!!!

Meh. You pay like a combined £14 (at least) for both of these lil subscriptions. And they don't even teach you anything. I mean, unless you watch documentaries all the time.

Your Netflix + Spotify subscription

That cocktail you got that had a fancy sounding name

Seriously. These bitches get even more expensive if you buy them in the city.

Tastes amazing but doesn't last, might give you gas + bloat you (Word Tonic doesn't do that and it lasts forever).


A large takeaway pizza

But it's only £7.99 for the first month
(if you sign up now



You're still sitting on the fence?

Don't you want to learn how to become a young copywriter from scratch and turn your writing hobby into a career?

I mean, you do (otherwise you wouldn't still be reading all of this butttt I get that you might need a lil more social proof).

So here's all the times that Word Tonic has been featured in the press ... just click on the logos to check us out ;)

Our most commonly asked questions...

Q) I have a busy schedule - do you need to come to all calls?


A) Nope! Word Tonic is super chill - take everything at your own pace. Nothing is compulsory and there are 0 expectations. Everyone learns differently. We're also a community - not just a learning hub. A space for you to make connections and friends, and find your tribe in the copywriting world.


Q) Are calls recorded?


A) YES! Every single call is recorded and popped in the Word Tonic folder - so you can go back and watch whenever.


Q) I'm from Australia/Poland/South Africa (INSERT WHATEVER COUNTRY YOU COME FROM) - can I join the community?


A) OF COURSE :) We are a global community with more than 200 members from all over the world (and we accept all currencies). We've got members in Dubai, UK, USA, Australia, Egypt, India, and Ukraine.

We are a proudly diverse community

We pride ourselves on creating a safe space for everyone and ARE FUCKING PROUD to have such a diverse bunch of young, talented people as part of the Word Tonic crew.


We celebrate and support everyone - no questions asked.

And have a goal of bringing as many fresh, young, and diverse perspectives to the creative industry as possible.

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