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Free online event for young writers

Discover what a career in copywriting looks like
and tips for breaking into the industry, from scratch

Who are we?

Hi, hello, we're Word Tonic!

An online learning platform and community of GEN-Z copywriters.

We teach young people how to break into the copywriting industry and provide them with portfolio building opportunities and access to copywriting masterclasses with brands like Google, Oatly, and Ogilvy.

Created by GEN-Z copywriters

It would be a BIT hypocritical and icky to create an online learning platform for young aspiring copywriters if it was led by a bunch of 50 year olds.


Word Tonic is actually led entirely by GEN-Z for GEN-Z.

Created by 23 year old copywriter - Carolyn McMurray - and co-founded by four other GEN-Z copywriters, we're on a mission to make the industry more accessible and bring even more fresh diverse, young voices to copywriting.

(Also, no-one told us about this shit at school!)


Get a taster for what copywriting is like, and why being part of Word Tonic can help you.

Come along to hear more about copywriting and how various Word Tonic members all got started and their top tips for breaking into the industry as a young newbie - from complete scratch.

And what being part of Word Tonic is like.

The best part?

We are all young, GEN-Z people - we're close to your age and we're making a living writing.

That's MUCH more relatable than an event held by 50 year old creatives ;)

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