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Why gen-z writers love Word Tonic
*holds a strawberry lace to your throat*

"Within 4 months of joining the Word Tonic community I had my first paying client. Which is pretty crazy considering I didn’t even know what copywriting was before I found Word Tonic. I didn’t know what career to pursue. I just knew I wanted it to be creative, so it’s really lucky I found the community! Now I work at a London agency and won a copywriting award!"


"Joining was the best thing for me -  I've met some amazing people, I am continuing to learn and grow as a writer/wordsy person every day. One of my favourite parts about WT is there's NO NEED to set a 2:35am alarm to go watch that masterclass you've been waiting for as everything is recorded."

"I love being part of this vibrant platform - I'm able to learn and build my portfolio from scratch at my own pace and get valuable feedback. My favourite masterclass so far had to be the Disney x Word Tonic one!"

"This community has opened so many more doors for me in my copywriting career than I ever imagined - from helping me land gigs at Bumble and Spotify, to giving me a chance to learn from the greats at brands like Google."

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