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Copywriter & Content Marketing Manager

Francesca Hadland


I enjoy writing (of course), reading and interior design, and possesses a penchant for clothes and makeup that simply can’t be tamed (though many have tried).

I'm a writer and content marketer living in London with my boyfriend and kitten, Pudding. Now that you’re caught up on the essentials, let’s dive a little deeper…

As a conceptual creative at heart, my work as a copywriter begins in the ideation and development of creative concepts and campaigns, bringing them to life and being a part of the whole journey from brief to debrief.

Since graduating University in lockdown (boo) with a 1st Class (Hons) degree in English (yay!), I've worked with some of the UK’s leading names in British luxury retail, both in-house and freelance. I put my words to work creating inspirational storytelling, sublime savoir faire and strategic content marketing initiatives that bring multi-channel campaigns to life.

Every wonderful word, caption, CTA and subject line, that I craft is aligned with the unique voice of each brand by getting under the skin of brilliant businesses and their audience, pretending to be an interior designer, chocolatier, food deliverer, etc... to tell memorable stories that make people feel.

Francesca Hadland
Francesca Hadland

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