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a space JUST for GEN-Z copywriters

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Welcome to a heaven you NEVER knew existed; a community
JUST for GEN-Z copywriters, created by GEN-Z copywriters.

Now, we can't read your fucking mind.

But we can make a few guesses about why you're here:

1) You're tired of joining OTHER copy communities and always being the youngest person there. WHERE ARE ALL THE WRITERS YOUR OWN AGE???

2) You want to level up your copywriting skills, but you don't want to join another 'MAKE £10K IN ONE MONTH,' joint that looks like this:

3) You landed on an ad and now you're here. Magical.

Whatever the reason, you're here. We're here. It's fate.

So we're dropping a lil join button below but we know you're probably not ready to buy us just yet so please, continue reading and get ready for a convince-o-meter that gets more unhinged the further you scroll down x


what does £15 get you?

a train ticket to the other side of the city?

a nice lil meal out at a fast food joint?

an overpriced cocktail with a cutesy beach umbrella floating in a pool of hard liquor?

what about mentorship with brands like Google, weekly copy briefs, and networking?

here's everything you get if you join
Word Tonic for £15 a month...

weekly masterclasses

Jump on live masterclasses with the world's most noticeable brands - like Google, Duolingo, and National Geographic - and level up your copywriting skills and discover what you can do in your career to get paid more and do better work.

*always recorded, so totally chill if you miss them

(and nothing is compulsory - take everything at your own pace).

Weekly briefs

YES WE KNOW YOU ALREADY HAVE A PORTFOLIO FANCY FANCY. But did you know it's also important to update that baby and fill it with fresh work from time to time? That's why we post weekly briefs for members to to take part in. We even post them on social media and tag the creators.


certified course

Not that you need it, you smart cookie YOU. But hey? If you do happen to want to refresh your copy skills and nab a handy lil certification, we offer a 25% discount on The Creative Copywriter's course for all members.


private discord

Our Discord is PHAT and filled with a bunch of different channels on all things copywriting. There's freelancing channels, finance channels, copy-feedback channels, and even an opportunities board.

*also it is kinda nice to be surrounded by 800 other young writers who get YOU

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Word Tonic also runs a recruitment service where we've helped our members get copywriting jobs with brands like Guess + Bumble, if they fit requirements. Join today to be added to our database.


Take part in monthly copywriting challenges where you can win prizes and get recognition from global brands.

(this month's challenge is in partnership with Krispy Kreme)

Screenshot 2023-10-26 223411.png

Freelancing sessions

Every month we hold a nice lil freelancing sesh on topics like negiotation, setting rates, pitching + proposals for any freelancers in the community!


Subscribe now
*holds a strawberry lace to your throat*

Ready to join 800+ other GEN-Z copywriters and level up your copy skills and career EVEN more?

Join us for £15 a month. Which is the equivalent to $18 or 16 euros (yes, we are global baby).

£15 / mth

(all currencies accepted + you can cancel at anytime because

we don't want to hold you hostage thankyou very much)

it's literally cheaper than this 
talking justin bieber toothbrush, fml


AI is growing more & more popular and though it won't take over copywriting, learning how to combine it creatively with your writing can help you stand out to employers.

Still on the fence?

It's okay.

All 800 of our members were too,
at some point.

But they read the rest of this page and
eventually signed up, so see you soon.


Why members love Word Tonic...
*aka, the part where we douse your eyes with a bunch of social proof*

"Within 4 months of joining the Word Tonic community I had my first paying client. Which is pretty crazy considering I didn’t even know what copywriting was before I found Word Tonic. I didn’t know what career to pursue. I just knew I wanted it to be creative, so it’s really lucky I found the community! Now I work at a London agency and won a copywriting award!"


"This community has opened so many more doors for me in my copywriting career than I ever imagined - from helping me land gigs at Bumble and Spotify, to giving me a chance to learn from the greats at brands like Google."

"I don't know a lot of other (copy)writers, and certainly not a lot of ones my age. I thought this would be a great place to meet other people (my age!!) writing for a living, share what I can and learn from a lot of different writers and perspectives. Writing professionally at our age/in general can get lonely at times and I really believed a place that shows others/ourselves that it's not only possible but that other people are doing it and are willing to give support would be a really important investment professionally and personally."

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You're a tough nut to crack
(but it's ok, we like nuts here)

Here's what you'll be missing out on if you continue to stand there lurking on us, FOMO-ing at the mouth...

Upcoming masterclasses
(that you will miss out on if you don't join us)

script writing masterclass with Spotify



If you join today, you'll be able to hop on a live copy masterclass with Esther - Spotify's associate manager and writer who'll be sharing her top tips on crafting killer TV and radio scripts.

Rec blog thumbnails (2).png

Building creative confidence with Rifa

For those days you WANT to tear out your eyeballs from stress. For those days you feel like you're not good enough. For those days you question your talent at this career.

THIS creative coaching session with Rifa is for you, and if you join you'll be able to come to it live ;)

Rec blog thumbnails (4).png

tone of voice
masterclass with
Liquid Death

Canned water, but make it EDGY.

That's Liquid Death, summed up; a canned water company with a fiery edge

(think the RedBull of water).

Word Tonic will be hopping on a live copywriting workshop with Andy Pearson - Vice President of Liquid Death - to discover how he helped craft the brand's rebellious tone of voice from scratch.

We've told you there's a first month discount. We've showed you members waxing lyrical about why they love us.
We've even showed you the upcoming masterclasses.

And you're still here?


Here's all the alternatives to

Word Tonic because we're not
gatekeeping girlbosses

1) Procopywriters; is £12 a month and you get featured on their directory of 1000 people (just hope and pray that you're at least on the first five pages).

2) CopyChief; Run by Kevin Rogers, you'll upskill in your copywriting career with - well - Kevin Rogers and just Kevin Rogers. Also £90 a month.

3) Tyson 4D; If you want a side of sexism while upskilling, then join this club. Also if you want to make £50k in one month.

Oh and here's all the times that Word Tonic has been featured in the press in case you need another confirmation that we're definitely ~not~ a scam

*just click the little logos to read more*

"A haven of craft and career advice."


“A safe space for Gen Z writers to connect,
collaborate, and learn new skills.”

“Word Tonic community helps members navigate the copywriting world - it provides them with peer support and learning opportunities.”

“A space for budding (and newbie) copywriters to develop their craft and find like-minded copywriters – as well as their clients and audience.

rym (1).png

every other reason to join Word Tonic because we're slowly running out of ideas
*you're really making us work for it, aren't you?*

REASON NO.100000001

Join us and say thankyou daddy to strangers

When you join Word Tonic, you'll get to hop on live copywriting masterclasses with creative directors from brands like Duolingo and Krispy Kreme.

What we failed to mention earlier is that we use a really CUTE video platform for all these sessions called Butter (no crappy Google meet thankyou very much).

And on this platform, there's a soundboard. And one of the sounds on THAT soundboard is 'thankyou daddy.'

So you can smash that 'thankyou daddy' button while the creative director of Marvel is on a masterclass and no one will ever know, because it's anonymous.

How stupidly fun.

weekly masterclasses

REASON NO.100000002

Join us and let's annoy OTHER creative director together

You know that soundboard we mentioned earlier?

Well, we made a post about the 'thankyou daddy' button and a creative director from a very big TV brand (let's call him Mr Shitty) reached out to us and was very very upset.

Now, here's a few snippets of what Mr Shitty wrote to us
(keep in mind, Word Tonic is literally founded by a group of women!)

rym (2).png

It made us laugh so much we made a post out of it.

And we'd be glad to do it again; we're not for everyone and we like it that way.

Jump on live masterclasses with the world's most noticeable brands - like Google, Duolingo, and National Geographic - where you'll learn the ins + outs of copywriting from experts and how to land copywriting jobs at these companies

REASON NO.100000003

Join us and just get your *sugar daddy to pay for it


And FYI, when we say 'sugar daddy,' we mean MANY things.

You can get your boss/employer to pay for your membership (yes, really) as part of their learning and development budget.

Just click here for more info ;)

OR you can get a responsible adult in your life to pay for it even though - you too - are a responsible adult, but hey if someone else can pay for it, why not?

Just send them this cute card and hope for the best:


And if you're YOUR OWN sugardaddy, that's hella cool - go invest in your career xoxo

Our most commonly asked questions...

Q) I have a busy schedule - do you need to come to all calls?


A) Nope! Word Tonic is super chill - take everything at your own pace. Nothing is compulsory and there are 0 expectations. Everyone learns differently. We're also a community - not just a learning hub. A space for you to make connections and friends, and find your tribe in the copywriting world.


Q) I'm 26, do I qualify as GEN-Z?


A) YES! GEN-Z ranges between 17 to 27, so you're all good!


Q) I'm from Australia/Poland/South Africa (INSERT WHATEVER COUNTRY YOU COME FROM) - can I join the community?


A) OF COURSE :) We are a global community with more than 200 members from all over the world (and we accept all currencies). We've got members in Dubai, UK, USA, Australia, Egypt, India, and Ukraine.

Q) Why do you swear so much? Why are you so weird? 

A) We're probably not for you if you don't jibe with our vibe.

Q) Can I cancel the membership whenever I want?

Yes, we don't want to hold you hostage.

Q) Is there an annual membership option?

A) Yep. Click here to find out more or forever hold your peace.

weekly masterclasses

Jump on live masterclasses with the world's most noticeable brands - like Google, Duolingo, and National Geographic - where you'll learn the ins + outs of copywriting from experts and how to land copywriting jobs at these companies

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