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Is Word Tonic legit?

It is crazy that in the year of our lord 2024, this is STILL coming up as a related search when you google Word Tonic. 

You may be sitting there, innocently looking up the best GEN-Z copywriting community the internet has to offer, wondering ‘what is Word Tonic?’ and google throws this curveball at you: ‘is Word Tonic legit?'

Now a seed has been planted. A niggling doubt where there was once excitement. The urge to continue to lurk around the Word Tonic insta instead of actually joining is overwhelming. Maybe you’re even tempted to close the tab. 

Well, my name is Jayne, I’m a member of Word Tonic and I’m here to tell you the truth. 


This blog is an exposé. The evidence is overwhelming. The FBI have been informed and it’s only a matter of time before Carolyn McMurray and her band of thieves are FINISHED. This isn’t your basic multi-tiered marketing scheme, oh no, the depths of evil on this thing run deep.

Exhibit A: The Freebies and Prizes

In classic scam fashion, Word Tonic is giving away nuggets of wisdom every week in a FREE newsletter for new and seasoned copywriters alike. 7,000 people have already been suckered into this scheme, receiving tips from GEN-Z copywriters and experts in the industry at the staggering cost of… your email address. 

You don’t need me to point out that this is very non-legit, pro-scam behaviour. Who is letting them get away with this???

If that wasn’t enough, the Word Tonic blog and Instagram are also chock-full of advice and how-to guides like this one. And you don’t even need to give up your email to access those. Incredibly sus imo.   

Not ONLY that, but there is a monthly copywriting challenge in the Word Tonic community with real prizes for the winners and exposure on Word Tonic’s socials. But you kinda need to be a member to take part.

This is all sounding a bit too good to be true… isn’t it? My thoughts exactly, babes. 

But this… this is just the start of Word Tonic’s evil agenda. 

Exhibit B: The Masterclasses 

I can hear the maniacal laughter in the distance. These sick, sick bastards have actually lined up respected creative industry professionals to gag talk to you. 

Like a COPYWRITING masterclass with a Marvel Comics writer, creators from huge names like Duolingo, Google and Domino’s, the global head of creative at Tony’s Chocolonely - and that’s from the last few months alone! 

(just take a look at snippets of these masterclasses here, here, and here).

It makes you wonder how Word Tonic has on all these people, right? I mean, why would they be willing to answer your questions and give masterclasses unless they were in on the scam??? 

And the fee is only £15 a month to learn from these live online copywriting classes (£9.99 for the first month), compared to the hundreds you’d be spending in other communities? Very scammy if you ask me. Why is it so cheap? What’s the catch? 

This brings us to my final, and most damning piece of evidence that Word Tonic is not legit. 

Exhibit C: The Testimonials 

I, for one, was scammed out of my job. I joined Word Tonic and within two months had handed in my notice at my teaching job. 

Coincidence… I THINK NOT! 

Word Tonic made me realise that there is other stuff out there that I’m good at and that I could actually enjoy working. What do they get out of this, huh? Encouraging people to pursue their passions and talents? And I’m not the only victim! Here are some quotes from other poor souls like me:

Erin from Australia says...

“I joined Word Tonic a couple of months ago and not being dramatic or nothing but it’s probably the best thing I’ve done all year.”

Similarly, Ella from the UK says...

“I love the sense of community, having friendly and reliable people available to help out one another, and I’m able to get advice and tips - as well as friends.”  

You may think that this post is starting to sound biased or unfair, so I guess for a minute I can have a go at…

Playing the devil’s advocate. 

This isn’t going to be easy, guys. Especially when we know from the evidence so far that Word Tonic is GUILTY. But, I will do my best to give them a shot. 

I suppose we might consider that Word Tonic has been featured in some pretty cool places, like D&AD, LBB Online, Creative Lives and AdAge

It could also be said that scammers don’t put as much effort into curating such a unique online presence as Word Tonic does. If Word Tonic were a scam, I seriously doubt the founder’s face would appear all over the socials. Too easy to trace. You gotta think here, if you wanted to trick 500+ GEN-Z copywriters out of £15 a month, would you put your mug and government name on every other Instagram post promoting your scam?

Seems like a pretty amateur move for a criminal mastermind tbh. 

And if you look at it this way… it could be nice if you want to become a copywriter to get feedback on your work from other GEN-Z copywriters all over the world. 

This part doesn’t really sound like a scam… it sounds like a community. Which is exactly what Word Tonic is.

The Verdict: Is Word Tonic legit for copywriting?

To circle back to our original question, I feel like the answer is obvious. ‘Is Word Tonic legit???’  

Legitimately fun and friendly? Check

Legitimately welcoming and hilarious? Check.

Legitimately helping GEN-Z hone their craft to become the most badass copywriters in the industry? TRIPLE fucking check, baby! 

Soooo if you came to this page hoping to find reasons to not sign up, sorry to disappoint you, bestie. Stop putting off the best decision of your career reading this blog and take advantage of the amazing first month discount - nay, OPPORTUNITY - you’ve been given here: JOIN US OR BE SCAMMED FOR REAL (jk, but you should join).

You can thank me later in the discord 💋 xx

PS. And in case you FORGOT what you get when you join and become a member, you get ALL THIS:

🧠Live online masterclasses and Q&As where you'll LITERALLY learn from copywriters in brands like Nat Geo, Google, and Hotel Chocolat

💯Archive of recorded masterclasses and resources and a big fat hub of tips written by loads of members

💫A Discord where you can chat + ask for advice from more than 400+ young copywriters who've been there, done that and respond to briefs to build up your portfolio

✍Monthly writing challenges that can be added to your portfolio (plus, you can win prizes worth $40).

🔥25% discount on an accredited copywriting course created by London marketing agency, The Creative Copywriter


Jayne Parry

Jayne spends 99% of the time with her head in a book. When she surfaces, it’s usually to edit the work of others and occasionally she might write something herself. Her hidden skills include being surprisingly good at Jeopardy!, being a doting cat-mum to Arti and being able to eat a whole pack of Viennese whirls in one sitting. 

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