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How To Become A Comic Book Writer?

Marvel comics, and the movies that they inspire, have some of the most well-loved characters and epic stories of all time.

And maybe you’ve taken a look at these stories and wondered…

“Who comes up with these things?!”

As you can imagine, Marvel has a team of some of the best writers in the world writing their comics.

And we got out grubby little hands on one of them for an EXCLUSIVE, JUICY, SHIT HOT MASTERCLASS.

That’s right, we sat down with Marvel Comics writer B. Earl to pick his brain about all things writing, comic books and even tarot cards.

What Is Word Tonic?

Word Tonic is a copywriting community and learning platform for Gen Z copywriters and young people who want to break into the advertising industry and become copywriters from scratch.

Today it’s a writer from Marvel, in the past it’s been RyanAir, DuoLingo and Walt Disney. And tomorrow…

Well, you’ll just have to join the club to find out. But take our word for it - there’s some pretty cool stuff coming up. Soz for the FOMO.

Who Is B. Earl?

B. Earl is a man who wears many hats: he’s a web.25 consultant, a creative block chain strategist and a writer for Marvel Comics.

Comics he worked on include Werewolf By Night, DareDevil and Spider Man.

Pretty cool, right? As you can imagine, he’s full of expertise and wisdom. 

AND YES, WORD TONIC GOT HIM ON TO DELIVER A MASTERCLASS TO MEMBERS (here's a small video teaser if you want a teeny tiny peak).

What Did Word Tonic Members Learn In The Marvel Masterclass?

  • How To Become A Comic Book Writer

Believe it or not, B. Earl became a Marvel writer by accident.

He started out in film, and ended up breaking into the world of comics when he started a comic community in LA and through it, met the big players in the industry - including Will.I.Am who just so happened to be looking for a comic book writer.

And the rest is history.

The comic book they put together was picked up and published by the biggest name in the world of comics: Marvel.

So, never underestimate the power of networking, eh!

But don’t worry, you don’t need a 1 on 1 with Will.I.Am to become a comic book writer (although it probably wouldn’t hurt, so go on and send that DM if you wish).

But if there’s one thing we took away from this class, it’s this:

Tell EVERYONE that you’re a writer.

Seriously, never shut up about it. The people you meet at a party. In the grocery store line. At the hairdressers. The dentist. You name it. Tell ‘em.

You never know who’s going to have an opportunity for you.

  • Using Tarot Cards To Spark Creativity

They say that creativity can be found everywhere and that seems to be true for B. Earl, who uses a tarot deck to spark his creativity.

During the masterclass, he explained why the fool’s journey from tarot is the ultimate journey and how that influences his storytelling.

He even flexed a pretty cool crow tarot deck that we all definitely tried to hunt down online when the call was over so we can give this method a go ourselves.

  • How Does A Marvel Writer Fight Procrastination?

Even big name writers aren’t immune from procrastination.

B. Earl beats procrastination by focusing on:

  1. Habits: You’ve got to form habits around your writing. 

To start with, dedicate time to your writing.

But remember - it’s a balance. B Earl reminded us to never forget that writing is a passion, not just another job that you feel like you have to do. 

So, when you’re experiencing the dreaded writer’s block or you’re having an ‘off’ day, don’t force it!

You may even want to think about where you write, which leads us onto…

  1. Spaces: Too many distractions in your bedroom or apartment? No worries, it's time to find a new spot to write in, whether that’s a cafe, a park, or even relocating to another room in your house. 

B. Earl has a bookstore cafe he likes to write in and sets himself a goal: “I’m going to stay here for X amount of hours and get X done”. 

That’s his place where he knows he can be productive, and finding yours will transform your productivity.

This is just the tip of the writing wisdom iceberg that B. Earl gave us during this masterclass. 

Listen, we aren’t just here to rub it in your face.

We recorded the entire thing for you to watch.

You’ve just gotta become a member of our gang first (we’re a bit like the Avengers, but just slightly less cool and muscular).

Not only will you get to see this masterclass, but you’ll get access to a whole library of previous masterclasses from all your favourite brands - plus all the cool ones that are upcoming - so you can learn from the pros.


There’s a lot more to a Word Tonic membership than access to these fab masterclasses. You’ll also get:

  • Help building your portfolio (even if you have 0 experience)

  • Access to a Discord chat for young writers like yourself to share their experiences and knowledge.

  • Monthly writing challenges with prizes worth $40.

  • 25% off an accredited copywriting course by The Creative Copywriter.

In short, it’s the perfect place to start if you want to write for a living.

Now are you ready for the best part? 

Drum roll please…

You can become a member for just £15 per month. 

That’s around the same as it would cost to see the latest Marvel movie in the cinema for your ticket and popcorn.

So why not get more bang for your buck and come learn from one of their writers, and dozens of others, instead?

You’ve read this far, so you must be thinking about it… Let us sweeten the deal.

We’ll even give you a cheeky little 40% OFF your first month if you sign up now.

So, what are you waiting for?

Aspiring copywriters, assemble!

Click here to grab your first month discount before it expires (and yes you can cancel at anytime. And yes, you can subscribe even if you're not based in the UK - we're a global community!)

PS. Want to check us out a bit more before signing up? Look at us on Insta or stalk our website!


Frankie is a baker of sweet treats, snuggler of cats and dogs, and a reader and writer of words. She is a Word Tonic member and has been a copywriter and social media for several years and recently completed a year abroad in New York City (A fun fact she brings up every chance she gets).

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