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Join 100+ GEN-Z

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a community & learning hub created for GEN-Z copywriters and young people who wanna write for a living 

NOT created by a 50-year old Kevin
(that'd be a bit hypocritical tbh)
word tonic was actually created by this 22-year old copywriter (well, me - HELLO).
See that dude in corduroy? He literally wrote for Google
the dude in corduroy

Hey, you.

I can't read minds or anything but I'm guessing you're either:

A) A GEN-Z copywriter kicking ass in the industry




B) A young person who wants to learn how to become a copywriter and write for a living because that shit sounds up your alley.

Wellll, Word Tonic is a space just for you.

A lil learning hub and community where you'll get to meet 100+ other young people who are making money doing what they love - writing.

Specifically, copywriting.

A space where you'll get to learn and grow in your writing careers with weekly copy calls and Q&As with copywriters from your fave brands like Google, Apple, Oatly, and Marvel (YES - the MARVEL COMICS!)

Now, time to do a bit of teleportation...

If you're a GEN-Z copywriter, click here - you'll be transported to a magical lil spot just for you.

Anddd if you're a young wannabe copywriter who wants to stop being a 'wannabe', and actually start writing for a living, click this sexy link right here.

The world's first GEN-Z led copywriting community

Chat, connect + meet 100+ other young copywriters on a private Discord

Weekly copywriting calls + monthly Q&As with copywriters from brands like Google, Apple & Oatly

Learn how to become a freelance copywriter & work from anywhere with a 25% discount on a copy course

Why members fucking love it

"I joined the community because I wanted to share my journey with other young copywriters, like as soon as I saw all the members start popping up I had such fomo! It’s so hard to find young copywriters, even any copywriters in real life so being able to chat with others daily is amazing! It made me feel like it’s a more tangible career option/ it’s actually a real thing!"


~Indiana Williams ~

As an aspiring copywriter and someone who struggles a lot with reaching out to people, this was a community that made me feel like writing was actually something profitable... and not some boring hobby as people make it out to be. It gave me a sense of security and direction."


~ Diogo Ernesto ~

~ Rochella Providence ~

"I don't know a lot of other (copy)writers, and certainly not a lot of ones my age. I thought this would be a great place to meet other people (my age!!) writing for a living, share what I can and learn from a lot of different writers and perspectives.


Writing professionally at our age can get lonely at times and I really believed a place that shows others/ourselves that it's not only possible but that other people are doing it and are willing to give support would be a really important investment professionally and personally."

~ Leon-Paul Lynn ~

"I love the sense of community, having friendly and reliable people available to help out one another, and am I'm able to get advice and tips - as well as make friends, I know that sounds strange but I think making friends with people that do the same thing and are likeminded is a huge catalyst towards the success of your work."

~ Ella Hamilton Savory ~

hey, I'm Carolyn👋
(I created this thing)

I'm a 22-year old freelance copywriter. Started at 17. Know what it feels like to be in an industry dominated by lots of seniors. Also know what it feels like to be measured by the title of 'junior.'

But I also know just how important fresh young voices are in copywriting and just HOW MUCH we have to offer. And that age has f-all to do with talent or how well you can write.

Pretty much sums up why I set up this lil community.

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Word Tonic isn't for:


  • Anyone who's NOT GEN-Z (millennial, boomer, gen-x we love you but this is a safe space just for us)

  • Boring people who are super serious (we legit once we made a hamster meme and it got into AdAge).


  • People who don't find this funny 

  • People who think pineapple on pizza is fucking gross (that's a joke)

PS. I guess what we're trying to say is YES we learn a lot about copywriting and are serious about levelling up. But we're not stone-cold, stiff, and boring. And we embrace everyone's weird quirks. 

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