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A copywriting community + online learning platform for GEN-Z writers

Learn how to become a copywriter or level up your skills

Masterclasses with brands like Disney, a Discord with 1,000+ copywriters, portfolio building, and more.



Members have gone on to write for...

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What is copywriting?

Simply put, copywriting is writing stuff for brands.

Blogs, emails, newsletters, ads (the kinds you see on billboards).

Even the funny writing on the side of Oatly cartons:

It's fun, creative, and the literal definition of writing for a living!

Want more scoop on what copywriting's about - read our blog post.

The world's first GEN-Z copywriting community

Our fight

Get more young + diverse people into the copywriting industry

Word Tonic is built for young people, by young people.

Spearheaded by Carolyn (hi, hello, that's me!)

I started copywriting at 17, quit uni - twice - and was tired of always being the 'youngest copywriter,' in the room.

To find out more about our story, click here boo.

Learn how to  become a copywriter from scratch

(or learn + develop your skills)

Learn about copywriting from the world's biggest brands - flexibility and on your own damn terms!

1000+ members

30+ countries

GEN-Z led

Learn in live online

copywriting masterclasses

Get schooled in the art of copywriting - the ins, the outs, & everything inbetween - in masterclasses with the world's most noticeable brands like Disney and Google, and learn how to land gigs at these companies


Build your portfolio from scratch

Building a portfolio of copywriting work that you can show employers is one of the FIRST steps to becoming a copywriter.

And with Word Tonic, you'll be given weekly briefs and exercises to help you build your own portfolio, from scratch - so you can be gig ready

Get seen by big brands!

We've partnered with a global marketing agency (top secret!) which means once you join, we'll be able to add you to their internal recruitment platform. This doesn't guarantee a job but it DOES mean your profile will show up and be visible to them if they're looking to hire a writer.

Copywriting challenges

Take part in our monthly copywriting challenges where you'll be able to flex your writing skills, win prizes, and expand your portfolio even more.

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Join our Discord community of 1,000+ GEN-Z writers

Join our community of 700 GEN-Z writers and have a space where you can connect, chat, and get advice - whenever you need it.


Join Word Tonic

£15 per month (equivalent to $18 USD)

No lock-ins - cancel anytime

Maryam Muhib

"I love being part of this vibrant platform - I'm able to learn and build my portfolio from scratch at my own pace and get valuable feedback. My favourite masterclass so far had to be the Disney x Word Tonic one!"

Start your copywriting journey with Word Tonic

Still unconvinced?

Check out this copywriting masterclass we did with Duolingo...

Start your copywriting journey with Word Tonic


We've been holding it in but you're a TOUGH NUT to crack!

Masterclasses with Disney and Google?

A community of 1,000+ GEN-Z writers?

Real success stories from members who've gone on to work for Bumble and Spotify?

Not good enough?

Just click on the lil logos below to read articles about us...

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Join Word Tonic now and start writing for a living

£15 per month

Word Tonic Gen Z Copywriting Community Logo


Weekly copywriting masterclasses with leaders + copywriters from big brands

Portfolio building, from scratch

Community of 1,000+ GEN-Z writers

Discord hub full of advice

Monthly copywriting challenges w/ prizes

Get added to our database of writers

ChatGPT + writing workshops

Word Tonic logo you can add to your CV

Copywriting film club

Hub of copywriting tips

25% discount on an accredited copywriting course

No lock-ins - cancel anytime

Discounted first month - only pay £9.99

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