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Reverse mentorship;

learn from GEN-Z

Are you a millennial or Gen-X creative/copywriter who’s trying to wrap your head around WTF is happening on the Internet?


Are you an agency or brand that’s trying to expand its reach to younger audiences?


Are you confused about what twenty-year-olds are even talking about a lot of the time? 


Well, we’ve got a friggin’ solution for you. 

Word Tonic's
Reverse Mentorship Programme

Thanks to our community of 400+ GEN-Z copywriters, you'll be able to learn and be mentored from a GEN-Z marketer.

What does the programme look like?

Word Tonic will pair you up with a Gen-Z copywriter.


The programme lasts for three months, and in that time, you and your buddy will hop on a call twice a month. You’ll each be mentored and get mentored by one another.

Think of it like a symbotitc relationship - you learn from them, they learn from you.


You’ll also get access to the Word Tonic discord channel, which hosts over 400 Gen-Z copywriters. You can ask questions, see what the young people are chatting about, and really get a sense of the whole Gen-Z vibe.

We've done it for Sonia Aguado

Need a bespoke programme?

Want a full-on reverse mentorship program for your senior leadership team?

Just email us at and we'll take it from there!

Freelance Senior Creative Copywriter for brands like Tangle Teezer + Amazon

And Jason Fotter...

Writer + Creative Director + Idea Maker Upper

Ready to be reverse mentored?

Oh, and Adam...

Digital Strategy + Marketing Lead at Bluestripe Group
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