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Unrealistic Expectations (and why they’re sucky)

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have not developed an intense addiction to TikTok in recent years you have my utmost respect and I am very jealous of you.


If you lack self-control like me then you’ve probably stumbled across videos with people living luxurious dream lives, racing about in cars and aesthetic apartments with a short clip of them smacking some sheets up and clicking some keys on their laptops.

Then telling you how lazy you are and to simply buy their pack to become a millionaire overnight. Not only does this make you feel like an actual potato it also makes you want to give up before even trying.

Thus continuing to rot away in your little potato bag.

Along with that, the instant gratification of apps like TikTok means that our brains have been fried and become mush…like mashed potatoes?

I need to stop banging on about potatoes. Bangers and mash!


Our work ethics have become so poor that unless we bag a huge client with our first attempt we feel it has failed and we’re better off giving up. However, this just leads to trying so many different career paths, never sticking to any, and seeing no results.

At the end of the day some people are lucky, some seemingly give half-assed efforts and reap huge rewards but you know what? Your chance of being here today was 1 in 400 trillion so congrats on that!

Comparing your journey to others is the first step to failing, so I propose something different - compare yourself to your old self.

You are your own biggest competition!

You are also never alone in any feelings good or bad, we are all in this together.


Charlotte Hookings

Charlotte is a calm-natured girl who has always been interested in writing, partnered with a love for creativity and social media she has grown a following on TikTok.

Always wanting to gain new experiences she has taken the plunge into copywriting, she loves challenges, and learning new skills and feels this will all help towards her main love for marketing.

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