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GEN-Z copywriters: recruit the best copywriters with Word Tonic

I have a what-I’d-call-funny (what you might call straight-up weird) relationship with my mum.

Polite? No swearing? Lying to protect feelings? All that stuff is for teachers and those friends you don’t really like enough to be honest with.

Not your MUM!

So, the other night when she told me I was a ‘cheeky bitch’...I spun, blank face, locked eyes, and said…

“Takes one to know one.”

Yes, Oona, I AM a cheeky bitch, but only to people I like and if you can see that I am then you must be one too.

And that brings us smoothly, sleekly (if that even is a word - I’m not going to look it up, so it better be), and butterily (definitely not a word) to our point.

You are here because you’re thinking ‘A huge portion - if not all - of my audience or customer base is Gen-z’.

You’re thinking ‘Those young Gen-Z folk have a meme for everything, they are tastemakers, they make companies and brands TREND.’

You’re here because you know it was teen girls that MADE The Beatles, not the grumpy old men with the contracts and the calculators. BORING.

We CAPITALISE, we italicise, we lennnnnnnnnnnngthen words, and we speak directly to you, our audience, our readers. Your customers.

We grew up on social media, it’s a whole language for us - you could call us internet natives - and entire portions of our relationships are strictly online.

We had whole boyfriends and girlfriends that we spoke to primarily over TEXT because we were too nervous to speak to them in person when we got to school.

Typing is our SHIT. We love it.

You’re here because you already know it’s a brilliant idea to have one of those young people tippy-typing away and getting eyes on your expensive advertising, and you’re here because you already know that the best way to find a good Gen-Z Copywriter is to ask a good Gen-Z Copywriter if they know any good Gen-Z Copywriters.

You’re clever, I like you.

Let me tell you again, it takes one to know one.

When Word Tonic began and started picking up speed people just like you saw the obvious opportunity.

Carolyn - our founder - kept getting brands approaching her, asking to dip into this amazing new Gen-Z Copywriting Community. And that’s when it popped into her head...

Brands want to speak to GEN-Z.

They want to know how to target them with their copy - how to hit them in their feels.

And as Gen-Z Copywriters - and customers - we are so tired of marketing that’s cringey, a bit too try-hard, or that feels like our dads are talking to us from the heavenly sky of advertising.

Once again, BORING.

The industry was starting to get a bit same-y. Same people, same age, same bloody copy. Word Tonic is diverse DIVERSE and bringing their fresh perspectives to the world of copywriting makes it instantly better.

All these emails asking for contacts, referrals, recommendations, access to the huge community of talented young copywriters…

Yeah, we can do that for you, and like the innovative, forward-thinking, business-minded young people we are, Word Tonic has created a whole recruitment agency. We have fresh talent coming out of our ears, and more importantly, joining our GEN-Z copywriter recruitment service every day.

Here’s what we offer in a nutshell. The shell of a nut if you will.

  • Access to advertising open positions in our newsletter that holds 4,000+ subscribers and counting (80% of which are Gen-Z). Let them come to you.


  • Vetted matches with copywriters. Let us find you a Gen-Z copywriter to fit your needs for any freelance or full-time position. A bespoke experience if you will.

And like every other recruitment agency is going to tell you

✨we’re different✨

And here’s why…

It’s a whole GEN-Z copywriter recruitment service RUN by Gen-Z copywriters.

Can you tell that I’m going to say it again?


This isn’t a Simon Cowell/Louis Walsh situation, these men couldn’t hold a note and were judging people’s singing.

This isn’t a bakery run by a coeliac.

I’m a vegetarian, do you really want me to recommend you some tasty cuts of meat?


Because babes, it takes one to know one.

And wow, do we KNOW each other. We talk about copywriting all the time through our community, but we talk about EVERYTHING else too.

Not only that, but you’re dipping your hand into a pool full of writers who are constantly being exposed to the TOP talent in the copywriting community, through calls and workshops with copywriters working for companies like Google, Oatly, and Sky. We get training resources, and help and encouragement from fellow copywriters our own age.

So you best believe that while you’re filling out that discovery form requesting an introduction to the Gen-Z Copywriter of your dreams, your perfect match is in the process of being further educated, inspired, and sparkled ready to be vetted and handpicked just for you.

And before you say ‘Ahhhhhh but have you even tried it out yet?’


We’re thorough, we have case studies.

Word Tonic paired up WordsByChloe with a GEN-Z copywriter from Word Tonic called Damaani Burns, for help on a GEN-Z project involving a famous dating app (hint: BUZZ).

“I used Word Tonic's recruitment service when I needed a GEN-Z voice to tackle a copy brief for a popular dating app. They put me in touch with Damaani, who nailed it – stakeholders loved her fresh, authentic, creative take on the deliverables, which she provided well before the deadline. Damaani was nothing but professional, and I would certainly love to work with her again. I'll be coming back to Word Tonic whenever I need more support!” WordsByChloe

Now that was good but here, have another, I’m feeling generous...

Word Tonic also paired Mimosa Agency up with a GEN-Z copywriter from the community, called Babi Oloko, for a project involving a luxury clothing company.


Word Tonic gave Grace Baldwin the extra GEN-Z touch she needed for a project by pairing her up with not ONE, but three talented young GEN-Z copywriters from the community. This is what she said:

"Oh my GOD. The people in this community are *so good*. Carolyn hooked me up with a few amazingly talented people from the Word Tonic community when I was hunting for a Junior Copywriter. Everyone I spoke to was smart, talented, helpful, and — most importantly for me — hungry to learn. She's clearly built a community for people who KNOW they can do good work, and take themselves seriously enough to invest in getting to the next level. I ended up feeling overwhelmed because everyone who applied for the job was awesome. Word Tonic isn't just an amazing resource for young copywriters — it's the *best* resource for anyone looking to source up-and-coming talent."


We have words of support from a certain copywriting LEGEND herself (and supporter of Word Tonic) - Vikki Ross.

“Looking for fresh new copywriters? Head straight to the exciting world of Word Tonic. The fast-growing global community is full of Gen Z copywriters who are ready for action. They'll bring you their on-the-ground perspective of their generation and a whole host of expertise and experience. They're keen and conscientious - and they'll be a brilliant addition to your team."

Remember how I was making the point the whoooooole way through that you should trust Word Tonic to find you a great copywriter because Word Tonic is entirely run by great copywriters, who know great copywriters when they see them?

Vikki Ross is a GREAT copywriter, so what does that say about us?

Takes one to know one (or a full community and company of ones, right?).

So here’s a little challenge for you at the end of this beautifully Gen-Z blog post

Sure you could visit Word Tonic and read through some more articles, or LURK through our Instagram, you could do that.

But why not send us a little email, at THIS VERY CLICKABLE LINK?

Why you ask?

In just a little while, in reply to the lovely little email you send us filled with questions, or just a little note of ‘Wow, this is interesting, I’d love to see what you can do for me and my company.’ you’ll get a sumptuously Gen-Z email back.

Treat yourself to receiving an email filled with the kind of copy you could harness for that gorgeous company of yours. Imagine you are your customers, opening this inviting Gen-Zmail, if you will.

And if you think you could possibly have ANYTHING to lose by doing such a small, tiny, cute, little act of tippy-typing an email and hitting send, then you can find me personally and tell me all about it, I’ll listen to all your complaining for free.

And now THAT’S a deal.

So saying as you’re going to end up doing it anyway…I’ll link it one more time JUST HERE.

And if you’d prefer to WhatsApp cause that’s what all the business-y guys, gals, and gender-non-conforming folks are doing these days you can contact Carolyn at +447512473922.

We can’t wait to hear from you, and we can wait even less time to hear back from you about how much you loved working with your very own, perfectly paired, Gen-Z Copywriter from our very perfectly GEN-Z copywriting community.

~ this entire blog post was in fact written by Lauryn Faloona, member of Word Tonic and a GEN-Z copywriter herself. Told you it was GEN-Z to the core, didn't we? ~

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