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What is a copywriting community? (and why you should join one)

I always argue with my boyfriend about cookies. Is it that big a deal if I get targeted adverts?

He thinks I’m mad for letting all these evil algorithms soak up my data and send me ads for things I was looking for anyway…like, isn’t it just kind of handy?

I have proof that it’s helpful. (This isn’t a blog post trying to convince you to say yes to cookies)

((unless they’re the non-digital, baked-choc-chip kind, then always say yes.))

I was living my best FUNemployed life, moving my sunchair around the garden to stay in the one patch of shade to keep from burning, writing my first real feature-length script when I thought…it’d be nice to be paid for this.

Oh, to be paid for writing…dreamy…

But girly is planning on moving to another country soon and I wasn’t sure about putting all the effort into getting a job that I’d have to leave soon anyway. So you best believe the ‘Remote’ filter was on AF.

And I was just searching ‘writer jobs’

‘Copywriter’ kept coming up in my search results. And like wtf does that mean? (I’m not answering that question here, but try clicking here and Maya will explain x)

Let the desperate searching begin…

Okay, back to those cookies I mentioned earlier…

Little did I know they were doing their thing. I gave up on my search and got back on Instagram to procrastinate and wonder if anyone would send me money for feet pics…

And what’s that on my screen…?

A Word Tonic advert. A Copywriting Community just for Gen-Z. And it’s got fun fonts and branding and oh…it’s run by a 23-year-old!?…are they allowed to do stuff like that?

See…cookies are helpful, shut up Ben.

But bbz, I didn’t know what copywriting was, so how on earth was I supposed to know what a community of them looks like?

What is a copywriting community?

Is it like a murder of crows? Or a colony of ants? A thunder of hippopotamuses?

Well, that was a little while ago now so I’m assuming you’re the one with these questions now and so here’s the answer, all packaged up in a cute little blog post. (Pssst…you could be writing one of these soon and getting paid doshings for it!)

Paid…to write…in your room…or on a beach…or in a cabin in the woods…dreeeeeeeamy.

Okay, SNAP out of it. I’m about to get to the important bit.

A Copywriting Community takes many forms if you scroll the internet for long enough, but generally, it’s an online group that pays a subscription to have access to collected resources, regular calls with industry professionals, as well as the collective experience, advice, and tips from copywriters who have been in the game for years.

But what are the benefits of joining a copywriting community?

For someone who was Shmoolging ‘What the fuck even is a copywriter?’ like two minutes ago, a community full of real, already-copywriting-people helping you navigate this brand new career is heaven sent.

You benefit from everyone else’s experiences, even if you don’t know what questions to ask there are other newbies in there that’ll ask them and you’ll go “WOW I never thought of that!” and all of a sudden a question you never knew you had is answered.

And hey! All those people reading this that have been strong, independent copywriters up until now.

It’s a bit lonely, isn’t it?

Like teachers have all their teacher friends, firefighters have all their mates who also fight those flames, but copywriting - especially freelance - can be a little ‘allllll by mysellllllf…don’t wanna be…’ vibes, y’know?

But in a copywriting community, you can chat with people who’ve done it all before, you can learn from everyone and develop your skills to be even stronger than they already were.

Knowing what a copywriting community is great and all but like…where are they all?

And which one should you join? And are you sure you saved enough from quitting that last bartending job to pay for even one month of it?

Wait you have to payyyyy?

Okay, I’ll give you the low down on some really popular ones, some of the things they offer, and how many large Domino's pizzas they’ll cost you a month.

(I’m saving best til last btw so either keep reading or skip to the number one spot…up to you!)

5. StoryCopywriters

StoryCopywriters is a copywriting community set up by “father of two, barefoot runner, longbow archer, craft beer drinker” Rob. Rob’s copywriting community has a strong focus on the power of storytelling, as you might have guessed…it’s in the name.

What do you get and for how many pizzas?

Access to…

  • the support forum,

  • the Nurture Email Mastery course ($597 value) and 'Storytelling for Social Media training ($97 value),

  • all Writer’s Circle calls and recordings,

  • the monthly community writing challenge

AND you can post your work in the forum for feedback from Rob and the other members.

All for 4.0833333 dominoes pizzas a month (my calculations are very exact) – that's £49 for those of you who don’t calculate money using delicious cheesy saucy masterpieces.

Moving on…

4. The Copy Chief

Copy Chief is a community started 8 years ago by Kevin Rogers so “high-level copywriters and marketers could have a private place online (away from the clutter of social media) to share…well-guarded secrets on what works best (and what failed worst).”

Okay great but what are you getting and how many pizzas are you being deprived of each month?

The student plan doesn’t give you access to the community forum part (which is kind of the point of this blog post) so we will look at the ‘Pro-Plan’…

  • 30+ Trainings to master copywriting, business, and freelancing skills, including masterclass trainings on various topics

  • Access to the Active Job Board

  • Live online copywriting workshops

  • Access to the Copywriting Chief community forum

  • Access to private ‘freelancer clubs’

  • Unlimited feedback on your work from experienced copywriters

At the price of 12.41 pizzas a month – that’s £149 for the non-culinary-mathematicians out there

In third place…

3. The Clever Copywriting School

The Clever Copywriting School is a community run by Kate Toon “an award-winning business mentor and digital marketing coach…on a mission to demystify the realities of running a successful online business.”

Okay, perks and pizzas time…

Access to…

  • A community of writers from all over the world

  • Regular job opportunities

  • An archive of Coaching Calls

  • 10% discount on the Copy Shop

  • Free monthly Masterclasses on copywriting skills

  • Monthly Training from Kate Toon on various topics

  • Monthly group Coffee Chat sessions

  • Reduced ticket prices for in-person events around Australia

  • Masterclasses

And you can have it all for just 3.46 pizzas a month – that’s £41.52 for all the people who weren’t listening in their Italian maths classes.

Just one more before the very best copywriting community out there…

2. Copy Club

Founder, Lottie, started Copy Club to help people in copywriting and copywriting-adjacent jobs avoid isolation and have people to talk to and ask for advice from.

Pizza-price-comparison time!!

Access to…

  • Slack where you can get quick answers from other copywriters

  • Monthly talks delivered by industry experts

  • Monthly ‘How we do Marketing’ talks

  • Regular social events to meet members

  • 100+ hours of recorded Copy Club events

  • Toolkits packed with easy templates and guides

  • Copy Club Mentor Matching where you get partnered with wonderful minds to help your development

  • A Black Book of tried and tested freelancers and agencies

And all of it is yours for 1.66666 pizzas a month – that’s £20, come on you should be used to the conversion rates by now.

Drummmmmmm rolllllllll pleaseeeeeeeee…

In the number one spot is…

1. WordTonic

Word Tonic is a Copywriting Community and learning hub for Gen-Z run by Carolyn McMurray and four other GEN-Z copywriters – she’s the 23-year-old I mentioned earlier!

Carolyn has been copywriting since the ripe old age of 18, so she already has a whole 5 years of copywriting experience!

That could be you in just 5 years!

(Or quicker, you’ll get to pick her weird, experienced brain. But what's even better about Word Tonic is that it's actually not about Carolyn at all. This community believes getting information and advice from just one person isn't the right way to do it - people have biases and blindspots. That's why they bring on a whole host of diverse speakers and copywriters to deliver masterclasses and offer craft advice. Because fresh perspectives = better learning).

This Copywriting Community is a safe space for young copywriters (Gen-Z specifically - sorry boomer, but I did give you four other choices to choose from) and the membership gives you access to tonnes of good shit…

💬 A Discord server that is over-run with copywriters - can’t move for copywriters…shall I say copywriters a few more times? Okay, copywriters (it’s good for the SEO).

📺 Hours of previously recorded calls with LEGENDARY copywriters (like Vikki Ross - if you don’t already worship her you will soon…she’s kind of a big deal - ask Spotify.)

📆A CALENDAR full of scheduled calls where you can either talk the ear off CopyLegends that have worked for companies like MARVEL and National Geographic or just leave your camera and mic off like you did through all of your covid uni lectures. ;)

📖 Resources full of tips, advice, and – my favourite – links to websites full of copywriting jobs because sometimes LinkedIn just doesn’t have what you are looking for.

🍿Soooooo many different chats - we have our Film Club, and the Book Club, (the Chin Wag chat is always good for cat pics). But more importantly, we have chats dedicated to getting feedback on your work, and advice on finding jobs from the other members - a lot of whom are working in agencies or have been living that remote-writing-on-an-exotic-beach life we all dream of.

🏆 Competitions that’ll not only showcase your work on the Word Tonic Instagram, they’ll help you build your portfolio and maybe even win you some prizes!

🧱 A big Gen-Z wall to bounce all your ideas off, to hype you up, to tell you to price yourself higher because you deserve it, to show you how to build your portfolio even though you’ve got 0 experience, or to show you whole new parts of copywriting even though you've got tonnes of experience!

💰Job opportunities - we have a whole chat dedicated to sharing job adverts that might interest any of the other members, no gatekeeping here!

🦝 A Copywriting Community full of weird little meme-loving, word-obsessed, Gen-Z folk.

(You know how it’s so much easier to message your mate for help with your essay than it is to send a formal email to the lecturer? Well, here’s your group chat full of Copywriting Classmates who are buzzing to help with anything they can!)

And the best bit…

…remember how all of those other copywriting communities were full of old people (sorry boomers) or were going to make your life entirely pizza-less?...

Word Tonic only costs a SINGLE pizza a month - and with all the copywriting dolla’ you’ll be getting right after joining you’ll hardly even notice it!

Do you like the funky-coloured pizza? Good cuz those are our fun, Gen-Z-attracting, non-cool-person-repelling Word Tonic brand colours.

(Sneaky little secret incoming - type SLAY into the ‘promotion code’ box, only pay £7.99 for the first month, have a nosy, and then quit before you pay £12.)

((Fair warning you won’t quit, we’ve put addictive memes and wholesome community vibes on that discord server. And there's a tonne of learning and development you can d month. A good copywriter never stops learning or growing. No one wants to leave.))

Now you know what a copywriting community is, and that the best one you could possibly join is WordTonic, the last step is to click this sexy little link – looooook it’s even WordTonicPink, very sexy – and it’ll transport you to the beginning of the rest of your life.

Thank me and those little cookies later x


Lauryn Faloona

Just like every other writer, Lauryn loves writing. She’s been writing scripts and prose for years now and is working on a book of short stories. However, until it’s published she is throwing herself into copywriting and ghostwriting.

When she puts the laptop down she loves thrifting a good bevelled edge mirror or taking care of her jungle of plants.

She also hates writing in the third person (OH and she's also a member of Word Tonic herself)

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